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One Industry.
One Source.

Endless Possibilities

Restaurant technology that makes managing your operation’s
business intelligence a piece of cake.

Ah, the sweet taste of success.
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How can you tell it’s a
problem before it’s a problem?

Introducing WorldView.

WorldView is a revolutionary way to monitor
all of your active sites, from one page.

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One POS Solution that...

Works Everywhere

The Hospitality Industry’s most innovative
tablet-based omnichannel ordering solution.

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About NorthStar
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Powerful. Reliable.


POSitouch is the POS software of choice of operators.
The strongest, most turnkey package in the industry.

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About POSitouch
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24/7 Support.

Uptime Means Success

CBS Support Services is committed to delivering the best
technology support solutions in the restaurant hospitality industry.

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Precisely engineered for the restaurant industry
Our NorthStar software has the reflexes to react fast. CBS is an innovative technology powerhouse with the vision, insight, and focus.

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POSitouch starts paying for itself right from day one…
by eliminating errors and reducing back office time. Now your managers can make split-second decisions and take immediate action on the go.

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