Project Management Team

ann tranAnn Tran

Implementation Services Manager

Role: Ann’s three main fundamental objectives are to: construct and maintain a highly skilled team of Implementation Project Managers, manage a defined book of clients and their accompanying Implementation projects, and engage with the management team to describe and execute strategies. She is also known as the “guru” of the NorthStar Order Entry family of products (our iPad POS system) in regards to operations by having successfully lead the implementation of NorthStar Order Entry for a reputable multi-restaurant chain.

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Personal: Ann is an adventurous soul. She has surfed, sky-dived, and road-raced on racetracks (being a passenger, of course) just to name a few. She will try anything not once, but twice. She believes trying anything for the first time is more often about figuring it out rather than gauging whether it is something or not to like. She also loves cooking, spending time with family, and just being at home.

“Hospitality is best described in the words of Harper Lee: ‘That boy is your company. And if he wants to eat up that tablecloth, you let him, you hear?’”


mario-saucedoMario Saucedo

Senior Project Manager

Role: As a Senior Project Manager Mario is responsible for the implementation and deployment of POS solutions. He works closely on a day-to-day basis with CBS customers to coordinate and oversee all aspects of their project. Mario maintains a high level of knowledge about all CBS products to best serve our customers’ overall system goals.

Hometown: Orange County, CA

Personal: Growing up in Southern California, Mario became an avid sports fan. He is a big fan of the 16-time NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers. You can also catch him every spring at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach. Mario also enjoys spending quality time with his wife and family.

“I feel very strongly about ensuring the overall success of the customer’s solution implementation and providing best practice advice and consultation during their project. The more I can educate and inform the customer the better off they will be with owning and leveraging the value of their system.”


tyler-fitzpatrickTyler Fitzpatrick

Project Manager

Role: Tyler started in helpdesk, came into project management recently. I am here to grow within the company and provide the best customer service possible.

Hometown: Lake Forest CA

“We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

william-hernandezWilliam A. Hernandez

Project Manager

Role: William works on both the Implementation Services and Field Technician teams at CBS. With 12-plus years experience as a Project Manager on implementation of new systems for both new and existing customers, William is a valued member of the CBS Team.

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Personal: William loves to spend time with his family, teaching his children Faith, Respect and Good Morals. He loves to collect and listen to good music.

“My experience and knowledge in the Project Management and Field Tech services at CBS have allowed me to give our customers the best and prompt service they need.”


angel-melendezAngel Melendez

Project Manager

Role: Angel brings eight years of POS technology experience and strong customer service values to CBS. He is always willing to do whatever is needed to achieve a customer’s goal. Angel employs skills he acquired as a CBS Field Service Technician to complement his Project Management duties. Angel’s role is to facilitate the implementation of new products, ideas, and procedures into the real world POS environment.

Hometown: Odessa, TX

Personal: Angel is a self proclaimed Trekker and avid Science Fiction Fan. He also enjoys trail running.

“Working with a customer to achieve their personal business goals, while helping to improve the work environment from server to manager, is what I strive for. Seeing it all come together with a satisfied customer is a very rewarding feeling to me.”


kennetha-thomasKennetha Thomas

Project Manager

Role: Kennetha has been in the hospitality industry for over 30 years, starting out as a Food and Beverage Director for a Florida-based chain, where she ran six hotel food and beverage operations. She spent the next nine years in the POS business, performing installations, and training for the restaurant, hotel, and bar business. In addition, her background in accounting positioned her to oversee all accounting interfaces. Her next step was as the IT Director for a large restaurant chain where she was responsible for all POS and accounting systems, leading the change-over from a “home grown” accounting package to a Great Plains system, along with the opening of more than sixty new restaurants. Today she is happy to be at CBS and working with her passion of assisting customers in resolving their day-to-day operational issues, including account issues, in the hospitality industry.

Hometown: Spring, TX

Personal: One of Kennetha’s personal goals is to always excel in anything that she begins. She is always on the lookout for better ways of self perseverance. Kennetha loves working with marriage counseling and with the Houston Down Syndrome Association where she is a proud member of the Buddy Walk.

“I strive to ensure that each customer receives prompt, professional, friendly and courteous service, and to maintain a professional and confident relationship with each customer that I work with, My objective is for customers to feel that CBS is not just another vendor but that we are a business partner with them. By maintaining these objectives, we shall be assured of a good relationship with each and every CBS customer.”


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  • CBS’ NorthStar POS Adds Integration to Ctuit Software’s Restaurant Management Platform Custom Business Solutions (CBS), developers of an iPad-based cloud Point of Sale System for restaurants, announced integration with Ctuit Software’s restaurant management platforms. Operators using NorthStar can now tap into the labor, sales and menu mix data available through Ctuit’s tools to better manage their business. First developed for the restaurant industry nearly six years ago, NorthStar Order Entry provides an omnichannel system for guests and servers to more efficiently order while managing security, improving speed of service and enhancing the guest experience with better service, all managed from the cloud. Read Entire Article
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