Sales Team

charlie-muldaurCharlie Muldaur

Senior Account Executive

Role: Charlie brought 20 years of restaurant management experience (front and back of house) with him when he joined the CBS team. He is responsible for sales and relationships in the Orange County area and also maintains multi-unit accounts with stores that span the U.S.

Hometown: New Jersey

Personal: Something not many people know is that Charlie was also a professional skydiver prior to joining the CBS team. His current thrill is golf.

“Having spent a significant amount of time in the restaurant business and worked with various POS vendors, I feel CBS can deliver the strongest management solutions. Being in a position to provide superior technology, coupled with the ability to consult on a high level, means we are able to continually supply long term value to our customers.”
Michael Block

calvin-gravesCalvin Graves

Project Manager

Role: Calvin has more than twenty years experience in the hotel and restaurant industries, the last five years with CBS. Calvin has had a role in the opening of thirteen corporate concepts. His knowledge runs the gamut from construction to the setup of POS, site reporting, enterprise reporting, and menu management. He has even put in time as a unit operator.

Hometown: Houston, TX

Personal: Calvin’s goal is to become a Master Woodworker; He currently creates wood masterpieces including cabinetry, coffee tables, hutches, armoires and decorative sculptures. To date he has produced and sold more than fifty pieces.

“I believe if you take care of the client, you can do no wrong. Always thinking in the best interest of the client is in my DNA. Wherever you go, there you are.”

brent-george-picBrent George

Account Executive

Role: Brent has over 10 years in the restaurant industry; connecting restauranteurs with solutions that will keep the flow of hospitality operations running smoothly. Prior to his sales experience, he was in the trenches at both ends of the restaurant. His role at CBS is to identify potential clients, help them create an ideal for their business, and provide the tools to make that ideal their reality.

CBS phone

Phone Extension 232

Eddie Ayala

Role: Eddie has extensive background in Enterprise-level sales and has built a career around helping restaurants improve business practices, increase revenue, and decrease costs.

CBS phone

Phone Extension 307

Account Management Team

anthony-gartungAnthony Gartung

Sales Account Manager

Role: Anthony’s focus is on customer satisfaction. His role is to understand and clearly represent our customer needs to all departments within CBS in order to facilitate the best possible solution for each customer. Anthony’s first two years at CBS were with the Support Center so he has a deep understanding of front line support.

Hometown: Riverside, CA

Personal: Anthony is our very own Blues Brother! He’s a huge fan of the Blues and spends much of his personal time playing guitar and listening to Blues greats of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

“I may not have the answer but I will find it. I may not have the time but I will make it.”
Michael Block

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allieAllie Haskell

Sales Account Manager

Role: Allie joined the CBS team in 2011, starting as a level one support technician. Since then, her willingness to help others, her multi-tasking skills and her superb abilities to create a strong foundation of a relationship is what makes Allie stand out. This is not just reflected with her fellow teammates, but with all of our customers as well. Allie has demonstrated the true characteristics of what it takes to be an Account Manager.

Hometown: Mission Viejo, CA

Personal: Allie is very creative and spends much of her spare time printing and crafting. She has even sold some of her craftwork to enthusiasts across the country. Allie also enjoys playing soccer.

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