And, as your market expands, so do the POSitouch solutions.

POSitouch gives you tools to manage:

Labor Management

All restaurant operators know that labor costs have a huge impact on your profitability. High turn-over rates and increasing labor costs make it more important than ever to effectively manage this cost center.

The Most Advanced Feature in the Business

POSitouch Time and Attendance module incorporates some of the most advanced time and attendance features in the business, along with sophisticated labor scheduling. POSitouch Time and Attendance enables you to:

  • Track time and attendance
  • Build and enforce schedules based on forecasts
  • Generate payroll reports
  • Validate employee clock in and out
  • Manage new hires, transfers and termination

Two Types of Scheduling

POSitouch offers two types of scheduling to compliment your time and attendance system:

  • Budget-based scheduler based on labor cost dollar and percentage targets.
  • Forecast- based scheduler using historical data and staffing guides to provide targets for scheduling.
  • Schedulers are graphical using drag and drop and other techniques to make the process a snap.


Enable your management to track and control the materials and supplies that come into your restaurant.

Take the guesswork out of managing your inventory and purchasing

POSitouch Inventory makes it easy to compare physical inventory in the restaurant to POS usage and know immediately if there is a variance and what it is. Accurate and timely information allows management to take corrective action now and save the restaurant thousands of dollars.

Automatic purchase order generation based on par levels and minimum order points.

  • Streamlines the receiving of products
  • Easily track backordered items

Delivery and Carry Out

POSitouch delivers a turnkey solution for delivery restaurants. All of the functionality needed for a powerful delivery system is an integrated part of both the POSitouch Table Service and Quick Service products.

Delivery Features include:

  • Color touch screen application for easier training and menu flow
  • Streamlined access to customer database so you know who your customers are
  • Order history
  • Database for storage of special preferences, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  • Driver dispatch and cash accountability
  • Order timing

Credit Cards/Gift Cards

POSitouch Gift and Loyalty Programs make it easy for restaurants to increase sales through popular Gifts Cards and implement a personalized Loyalty Program to drive repeat visits and sales.

Programs allow you to:

  • Drive sales and repeat visits through exciting marketing programs
  • Implement a gift card and/or loyalty program without fraud or duplicate use
  • Track balance details through POSitouch
  • Track club member purchase history and reward loyalty with store cash.

Back Office Above Store Reporting

In rich detail or concise summary form. . . from 15 minute segments to year-over-year comparisons. . . get in touch with your business with POSitouch Back Office.

POSitouch gives you the power to analyze and manage your business in way you never thought possible.

Identify trends, address problem areas, pinpoint winning strategies – all the data you could ever use is at your fingertips, easily formatted just the way you want it.

Reports include:

  • Sales Trend Reports for day, week, month or any period
  • Sales and Customer Count Reports
  • Category Reports
  • Item Sales Trend Reports
  • Product Mix Reports
  • Sales History Reports
  • . . . and many more

Custom Database - NorthStar Change Management for POSitouch

NorthStar Change Management takes the complexity out of managing your database. With Change Management, changes to your database can be initiated, implemented and managed from one location – eliminating the costs, time and potential errors of traditional update methods.

Changes can easily be deployed to a single restaurant, a group of restaurants or your entire system.

Change Management manages your POSitouch database items on concept, restaurant group or individual restaurant levels. From one location you can implement changes including:

  • Item management
  • Menu management
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Coupons
  • Discounts
  • Methods of payment
  • Prep routing
  • Print formatting for receipts, KVDU’s, kitchen printers and cashouts
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News & Events

  • Michael Crouse Joins Custom Business Solutions as Director of Channel Sales for its Growing Compass Reseller Network (IRVINE, CA) Jan. 25, 2018 – Custom Business Solutions (CBS), developers of NorthStar, the restaurant industry’s first iPad-based cloud Point of Sale System, today announces that Michael Crouse has joined the company as director of channel sales. Crouse will be responsible for the continued development, management and expansion of the CBS Compass Dealer Network, which was developed to fulfill the growing demand for its NorthStar point of sale software. This dealership network is expected to double in size over the next two years, tapping the expertise of the nation’s leading technology solution providers for the hospitality and retail industry. First developed for the restaurant industry nearly seven years ago, NorthStar Order Entry provides an omnichannel system for guests and servers to more efficiently order while managing security, improving speed of service and enhancing the guest experience with better service, all managed from the cloud. Crouse joins the company after more than 20 years in sales with various technology companies including Ingram Micro. “We are pleased to add Michael to the CBS team, and know his expertise in channel sales will further propel NorthStar in the hospitality, restaurant, foodservice and entertainment industry,” said Art Julian, CEO of Custom Business Solutions. As a reseller for more than two decades, CBS knows what it takes to deliver value and results in the reseller channel. The company is looking for regional resellers with technical expertise and a track record of positively serving customers in the hospitality industry. These resellers would work directly with regional restaurant brands that would benefit from the easy to install and user-friendly NorthStar system and its data analytics capabilities. About Custom Business Solutions Since 1994, the advanced software solutions offered by Custom Business Solutions have helped numerous hospitality professionals to operate their businesses more profitably. Restaurant operators and their guests have benefited from CBS’s NorthStar suite of products that enhance the dining experiences. CBS also offers a range of support services such as after-hours help desk capabilities. Custom Business Solutions, Inc. is headquartered in Irvine, CA with offices throughout the Western United States.
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