Advanced Depot Services Maintenance Contract

  • Live support 24/7
  • Priority service
  • Troubleshoot hardware problems by phone at no additional charge
  • CBS Field Service Technicians available at a reduced rate
  • Free loaner equipment if we can’t fix it onsite
  • Spare-in-the-air repair service – once the problem is identified, we send you a replacement even before you return your equipment (both parts and labor are covered)
  • All contract customers receive priority service over non-contract customers
  • When new releases become available, upgrades are provided at no charge and training/installation are billed at the discounted rate
point of sale technology

In addition to minimizing equipment downtime, the CBS Advanced Depot Services Contract provides savings and advantages over standard Time & Materials/C.O.D. Maintenance.

  • Field Service is billed at $110/hour (one hour minimum) plus applicable trip charges, materials, and taxes (regular T&M Field Service is billed at $170/hour with a one hour minimum plus applicable trip charges, materials, and taxes)
  • After hours and weekend Field Service calls are billed at $165/hour with a two hour minimum plus applicable trip charges, materials, and taxes (Regular T&M Maintenance Field Service is billed at $250/hour with a two hour minimum plus applicable trip charges, materials, and taxes)

NOTE: The customer is responsible for freight to CBS while CBS is responsible for freight to the customer. Escalation of freight is determined by type of equipment and/or the percentage of the system in for repair. If the equipment is not received by CBS within 30 days, an invoice will be sent for the cost of the replacement equipment that was shipped to the customer.

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