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Optimize and Streamline Your Operations Across all Locations with our Hospitality Technology Solution and Your Choices.

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NorthStar Point of Sale

The modern, cloud-based POS for successful restaurant chains. Omnichannel ordering for foodservice businesses of all types.

Custom Solutions

Tired of using a solution that doesn't work for you? We can customize a solution to meet your needs.

Nationwide Service

Nationwide service and support for ANY point of sale hardware or software, including Micros, Aloha, POSitouch, and more.

Creating restaurant POS software solutions for diverse markets

Fast Casual

Modern tools to help busy managers reduce costs, save time, and succeed in a difficult industry. Use our integrated solutions or mix-and-match with what works best for your business, from our integrated point-of-sale to digital menus.

Grocery Retailers

Give guests the convenience of dining in or picking up takeaway items when they visit your store for essentials. Our restaurant technology solutions make ordering and payment quick and easy.

Quick Service

When your point of sale, kitchen display system, and digital signage are all in sync, your restaurant will run smoothly and efficiently. Use multiple ordering modes to ensure guests are served fast – whether they’re curbside, at the drive-thru, or in the restaurant.

Unleashing Innovation With Custom Point Of Sale Software

Welcome to NorthStar, your one-stop solution for advanced restaurant technology solutions. We leverage our expertise in the hospitality industry to provide you with custom-made, cloud-based restaurant POS software that streamlines your operations and boosts your profitability.

Custom Point of Sale Software and Prepared Food Solutions

At NorthStar, we understand that every restaurant has unique needs. That is why we offer custom point of sale software solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Our prepared food software solution ensures efficient management of your food preparation processes, reducing waste and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Our restaurant POS systems are designed to handle high-volume transactions without any hiccups. Whether it is table service or quick service, our systems ensure smooth operations, helping you serve your customers better.

More than Just Restaurant POS Software

Beyond our cutting-edge restaurant POS software, NorthStar offers a suite of restaurant technology solutions designed to optimize your operations. Our kitchen display systems allow for seamless communication between your front-of-house and kitchen staff, ensuring timely and accurate order fulfillment.

We also provide robust payment processing solutions, allowing you to accept a wide variety of payment methods. Our table management and inventory management features help you maximize your resources and reduce costs.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at NorthStar. We continually update our offerings to keep pace with the evolving demands of the restaurant industry. For more information about our services, or to request a personalized demo, please contact us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NorthStar offers integrated, best-of-breed solutions for POS, recipe management, online ordering, KDS, labor management, digital signage, payment processing, and more. Our cloud-based restaurant POS software is designed with ease of use and scalability at its core. 

NorthStar is a leading restaurant POS software suite with integrated, best-in-class solutions designed to handle all aspects of managing a restaurant successfully.

NorthStar offers nationwide POS service, nationwide rollouts, hardware procurement, advanced depot services, managed services, staging and configuration, and a 24/7 help desk.

The Restaurant Technology Guys podcast. Drawing from over 25 years of restaurant technology experience, the podcast and blog provide a wealth of information for tech-savvy restaurant entrepreneurs, CEOs, operators, and managers.

CBS NorthStar is purpose-built for restaurant chains and is designed to scale with your business as it grows, using the solutions and services that work best for your specific restaurant type. To learn more about how CBS NorthStar restaurant POS software can benefit your business, you should sign up for a free personalized demo.

Speedy Order Processing

Experience seamless transactions with an interface crafted for speed. With NorthStar POS, minimal taps translate to quicker turnarounds.

Mobile POS Capabilities

Equip staff with mobile devices to take orders directly from customers in line or even before they reach the counter, speeding up the entire process.

Integrated Online Ordering

Allows customers to see the order being inputted, which can reduce errors and increase transparency.

Customization and Modifiers

Embrace the essence of fast-casual with our intuitive customization feature. From salads to sandwiches, NorthStar POS accommodates detailed modifiers with ease, ensuring the kitchen gets the right message every time.

Digital Menu Boards Integration

Easily update and synchronize your digital menu displays directly from NorthStar. This allows for dynamic pricing, highlighting specials, or featuring limited-time offers without the need for separate systems.

Integrated Upselling Suggestions

Based on the items selected by the guests, NorthStar can provide servers with real-time suggestions for upselling complementary dishes, drinks, or desserts. This not only boosts sales but can also enhance the overall dining experience for guests.

Allergy and Dietary Restrictions

Accommodate allergy and dietary preference by enabling servers to assign orders by seat numbers.

Contactless Payment Options

In the evolving landscape of dining, offering contactless payments — such as tap-and-go cards, digital wallets, or QR code payments — can enhance the checkout experience by offering speed and safety.

Drive-Thru Management

For QSRs with drive-thru service, specialized features can streamline the ordering process, enhance communication between NorthStar and kitchen, and track drive-thru-specific metrics.