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I need help with my existing POS system

We play well with others. Do you have an existing POS system? We’d love to help.

I need a Point of Sale system

Cloud based solutions for POS, guest, mobile, web, kiosk and so much more.

I need to manage my recipes

Cloud based recipe management tools from HQ to every kitchen.

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Modern Solutions

Next level quality in

Restaurant Solutions

NorthStar software has the reflexes to react fast and outperform the standard. CBS is an innovative technology powerhouse with the vision, insight, and focus to make your complex world a little simpler, and a lot more profitable.

Integrated, Flexible Ordering
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What we do

CBS is an industry leader in

Restaurant Technology Solutions

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Case Studies

Golden Corral Buffet & Grill

For more than 40 years, Golden Corral has been building upon its reputation as America’s No. 1 buffet and grill in the family restaurant segment. Sustaining this requires a complicated, continuously updated menu that’s virtually endless in its breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings

NorthStar POS Systems

We Know the Restaurant Business

Now you can be ‘that place’! Introducing NorthStar Restaurant POS order entry. Whether your guests are ordering at the table, kiosk, or from your wait staff, NorthStar Order Entry is the ideal solution for your restaurant technology needs. 

Restaurant Tech News

CBS Proudly Sponsors The Restaurant Technology Guys

Whether you’re just starting out in the restaurant space or you’re a seasoned hospitality expert, technology seems to move faster than anyone can keep up with. What’s cutting edge one minute is obsolete the next. With all of these new solutions, what do you really need to stay relevant?


What our customers say:

Jahangir Seven

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Lena Marianova

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Selena Skanedan

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Our Team

Meet the CBS pros

Custom Business Solutions (CBS) was founded in 1987 and has been a leader in the restaurant POS field ever since. It’s our people who make that all possible:

Founder & CEO

Art Julian

Chief Operating Officer

Jeremy Julian

Chief Technology Officer

Anthony Presley

Chief Financial Officer

Joe Stafford

Meet the Restaurant Technology Guys

Jeremy Julian hosts the popular Restaurant Technology Guys blog and podcast. Stay up to date on industry trends and see how technology is changing the restaurant business for the better. 

Restaurant management software is an all-encompassing software platform, including your restaurant POS, which aids in the day-to-day management of restaurants, bars, hotels and other hospitality businesses. 

Your restaurant POS should connect your entire restaurant from order intake, labor management, inventory management, and much more in one central location. 

Table-top ordering uses the latest in restaurant technology to improve your customer experience. Tablet or other digital devices are places at the table, allowing customers to order and re-order food, drinks and more right from the table. 

By connecting all your businesses systems into one restaurant management ecosystem, businesses can streamline efficiencies, reduce waste, maximize table turns for ultimate profitability. 

Frequently asked questions

Restaurant POS


Here we answer the most common restaurant POS FAQs. If you have a question regarding your restaurant management software that’s not answered here, feel free to contact us.


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