Allie Haskell

Manager of Implementation and Support Services

Role: Allie is responsible for the operations of the Service Desk team. She came to CBS with restaurant experience and people management in the hospitality industry.  She also has a background in the creative space with marketing. She applies her knowledge of service and team environment to help grow and develop our team to further support our clients and advance individual careers. Allie has a true passion for the client experience and customer service. 

Hometown: Mission Viejo, CA

Personal:  When Allie isn’t at work she is at home with her two kids playing her proudest role as Mom. She grew up locally playing competitive sports like track and field and soccer. She also enjoys being outside whenever she has a chance.  You can often catch her at the beach and if not there, in her backyard gardening.

Mario Saucedo

Hometown: Orange County, CA

Personal: Mario enjoys spending his time away from work with friends and family. He is an avid sports fan and enjoys cheering on his favorite team, the Los Angeles Lakers.

“I feel very strongly about ensuring the overall success of the customer’s solution implementation and providing best practice advice and consultation during their project. The more I can educate and inform the customer the better off they will be with owning and leveraging the value of their system.”

william-hernandezWilliam A. Hernandez

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Personal: William loves spending time with his family, teaching good morals, respect and faith. When not at work, he enjoys cooking a special dinner for his whole family. He is very involved and dedicated in the ministry of his church. He enjoys traveling, especially to Mexico. William likes to collect and listen to good music.

“My experience and knowledge in the Project Management and Field Tech services at CBS have allowed me to give our customers the best and prompt service they need.”

Angel Melendez

Hometown: Odessa, TX

Personal: Angel enjoys distance running, cooking/baking, astronomy, spending time with his cat Squirrel and space science fiction. A great relaxing day for Angel would be a Sunday afternoon laying in the sun with his cat just taking in the rays. He would like to retire one day and open up a cookie store.

“Working with a customer to achieve their personal business goals, while helping to improve the work environment from server to manager, is what I strive for. Seeing it all come together with a satisfied customer is a very rewarding feeling to me.”

Kennetha Thomas

Hometown: Spring, TX

Personal: One of Kennetha’s personal goals is to always excel in anything that she begins. She is always on the lookout for better ways of self-perseverance. She has a love for Baseball and Softball, and on the weekends you will find her at the Softball fields or at a Baseball game somewhere. Kennetha loves reading, crafting, working with Special Needs children and Marriage Counseling. Kennetha and her husband are both Certified Christian Counselors and love the challenges that it brings to them to assist in overcoming. She works through her personal challenges every day of knowing that “Life will never bring you more than you can handle.”

“I strive to ensure that each customer receives prompt, professional, friendly and courteous service, and to maintain a professional and confident relationship with each customer that I work with, My objective is for customers to feel that CBS is not just another vendor but that we are a business partner with them. By maintaining these objectives, we shall be assured of a good relationship with each and every CBS customer.”

Matt Early

Hometown: Linden, TX

Personal: Matt enjoys traveling and cooking cuisine inspired by cultures local as well as abroad. He has been singing and playing music from the age of 6. He loves getting together with friends and family, enjoying this pastime is a great passion. He is active in the Caddo Lake Institute, The Walden Woods Project, and other environmental/wildlife conservation campaigns.

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