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ernesto moreno

Ernesto Moreno

National Field Service Manager

Role: Ernesto is responsible for the CBS National Field Services team and the Central Repair Center. He comes to CBS with extensive knowledge and experience in managing field services organizations and the repair process. Ernesto uses his strengths and knowledge that he has gained in management over the years to motivate and direct his team towards an efficient/productive outcome. He hopes that his abilities can contribute to the best service/experience possible for CBS customers, and with that the future growth of CBS as a company.

Hometown: Torrance, CA

Personal: Ernesto’s goal is to work side by side with his Martial Arts instructor to assist in the growth & development of his children’s Martial Arts training, to teach them so that they understand the discipline, philosophies & responsibilities of the art form.

“My attention is always focused on what’s best for the customer, and within our means, to minimize the business impact associated with equipment issues.”

Kimberly Borja

Assistant Manager – Support Services

Role: Kimberly is responsible for operations of the CBS Support Center team. She comes to CBS with a comprehensive background and understanding of people management and hospitality. She applies her knowledge of service and team environment to grow and develop her team to help advance their careers in pursuit of their goals. Kimberly encourages personal growth and career advancement to all team members and employees of the organization. She hopes to help clear the way for the team so they can continue the growth in their careers and personal lives. She is excited to be apart of such a growing and family oriented company like CBS.

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Personal: Kimberly enjoys problem solving and likes to cultivate a cohesive, collaborative fun team environment to make everyone feel welcome. On her days off she likes to enjoy the outdoors, doing arts and crafts and spending time with friends, family and her pet cat, Hemingway.

Brian Kidani

Shift Lead

Role: Brian’s role as Support Desk Team Lead consists of helping customers and the support team in any way possible. Brian comes to CBS with a long and diverse restaurant background. He has held every position in the restaurant from prep cook to sous chef to server and restaurant manager. Brian takes his experience in the restaurant to help bridge any gap between support desk and the restaurants to better serve CBS’s customers.

Hometown: Denver, CO

Personal: Brian enjoys doing any kind of outdoor activities including hiking, fishing, going to the beach and playing golf. His goal is to one day be able to purchase a house in Southern California.

Michael Opdyke

Shift Lead – Texas Office

Role: Michael is responsible for leading the Support desk in the CBS Dallas office. He comes to CBS with extensive managerial experience the technical support field. Michael leads with goal of enriching the experience of CBS customers, as well as the quality of the support desk. With this goal in mind, Michael hopes to deliver the best possible customer experience available, while helping CBS to continuously grow and prosper.

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Personal: Michael is deeply passionate about martial arts. He practices daily and assists with teaching class at his local dojo. Outside of the Dojo, Michael enjoys taking in live music a small local venues.

Andres Madrigal

Shift Lead

Role: Andres is responsible for the CBS Support team during the evening hours, both in the Irvine office and Dallas Office. Andres came into CBS with 14+ years of Computer Science experience, having managed the local network of a major electronics store for 10 years, repairing and maintaining all components the store required to operate, both front of house and back of house. Andres’s leadership skills and ability to fix problems has earned him praise from within CBS and amongst the many clients that rely on Support to resolve their issues.

Hometown: Anaheim, CA

Personal: Andre’s passion is to understand how software and hardware interact when things don’t go according to plan. Learning how to think outside of the box to solve complex problems in situations no one has ever been in. Striving to unravel a puzzle even if some pieces are missing.

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