Tips & Tricks: How to Add a Video to NorthStar Recipe Viewer

How to Add a Video to NorthStar Recipe Viewer

1) NorthStar Recipe Viewer can only stream video

2) Open NorthStar Recipe system

3) Open the Recipe File

4) Open a Recipe by Double Clicking on the Recipe

5) Select the Media tab

6) Select Add

7) Use the Drop Down Next to Manage Media to select your Media

8) Click OK

9) Click Save

10) The Video should be available from the Recipe


How to Add a Video to the NorthStar Recipe Viewer


1) From the Recipe Image > Select Image from Library Screen

2) Click the Manage Media Button

3) Select the add media icon

4) Fill in the Name of the Video – The Title it will be listed under

5) Fill in the Description of the Video – what the Video is about

Select The Media Type (if the media is a video select Video from the drop down list)

6) Enter the URL of the Video.

7) Set The display size Width (800) Height (600)

8) Then click preview

The Video should play


How to give a video a URL Location

1) Open Up The Windows Explorer

2) Select the Drive IIS is installed on (Normally C:)

3) Select the Inetpub folder

4) Select the WWWroot folder

5) Select The NSRecipe Folder

6) Select The Video Folder

7) Place The video you want to assign a URL to in this folder

8) Select the video and make sure you know the extension i.e. mpg,  mpeg, MP4

9) The c:Inetpubwwwroot in the url should be replaced by the IP prefixed  with http://

In this case c:InetpubwwwrootNSRecipeVideokrismaher.mpg becomes


If you need further assistance please contact the NorthStar helpdesk




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