How do advance deposits work in POSitouch?

There are two ways we can set up advance deposit:

  1. Using POSitouch’s advance deposit feature
  2. As a gift certificate

Using the advance deposit feature, a check is opened and essentially you take payment on the check first before you put items on the check (there’s an advance deposit cell type). Then the check stays open until they decide to use it. You can optionally add items to the check before taking the deposit, so you can see what the customer is ordering.

The good thing about using the advance deposit feature is that you can pre-order items by putting them on the check before you take advance payment on it. But, since the check remains open until the deposit is used, it depends on Tomorrow.tmp staying intact. So if they ever get put on a new checkfile for any reason, then any advance deposits go away.

Using a gift certificate means you can’t pre-order items and it also means you have to look up the gift certificate number when you go to use it, but since the deposit is stored in the gift certificate module, it survives new checkfiles.