New Release: POSitouch release 14.02 POSitouch 6 SystemUpdate Setup

This is a notification that Custom Business Solutions has released new software!

Software: POSitouch 6.4

Version: 14.20

Released: 02/20/2014

Available Media:

  • If you are a customer and need to get a hold of this install, please contact your Account Manager or Sales Representative
  • “Update Machine Setup” is for updating machines that have had POSitouch installed previously.

Release Notes:

Please note this software installs POSitouch 6.4x This version of the software has several enhancements and may require changes to your database to replicate how the system operated in previous versions of POSitouch.

Your feedback is important! If you discover an issue with the installation media, please contact Application Support immediately so we can resolve the issue for the next release. Your assistance makes our software better!

Installation Enhancements:

  • Installation process is now highly automated. After filling out one sheet of information, the rest of the installation process should be fully automated.
  • Expiration date has been extended to May 31, 2014.
  • Installation process has been tested with both Windows 7 and 64-bit backoffice machines.
  • Added Fingerprint Files to SC Directory (Should fix issues with upgrading sites with Fingerprints)
  • The .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.0 is downloaded and installed along with POSitouch. If the site has blocked Internet access, you can also transfer the full .NET installs and point the installers to them. It will then use them instead of trying to download.
  • Instructions clarified.

POSitouch Enhancements:

  1. New feature: Lookup an Account on Reopen and Take Payment
  2. Improved logic to prevent temporary malfunctions with XML ordering and users may use the repeat button for a credit card authorization.
  3. Improvements for using a Tax Exempt Discount with multiple forms of payment.
  4. Improvements for VDU scrolling where there is a large order onscreen.
  5. Improvements for discount type cards and multiple tax rates.
  6. Improvements for XML output files where the <CurrentTerminal> tag may be incorrect if one or more terminals are turned off.
  7. Improvements for displaying the last 4 digits of a card number on the payment screen, to quickly identify payments.
  8. Improvements for general multiplier and the option Rest Misc Data > Seats & Spearate Checks > Seat Numbers Entered Before Main Items > “Seats Added to All Items Starting with 1”
  9. New option in Setup > hardware > terminal stations > page 2 > Delete at Transaction Complete. Allows users to delete the payment type on the check with the TRANSACTION COMPLETE message on screen. The user then starts over.
  10. Improvements for sites using the “Proceed to Payment” flag with user privilege 42, “Cannot Send on Separate Check”
  11. New “XML only” setting for user defined entries in credit card setup. This setting will restrict all cards from this BIN range to communicate with middleware through spcwin and ability to be entered in UI.
  12. Improvements for Teams and cash to remit. This implements a new user privilege that computes cash to remit that will be useful for server banking (although current math is fine) and for mixed cashier/server banking that sometimes occurs but becomes common when teams are in play.
  13. New flag implementation: Time/date in check header only
  14. Monetary label – new 4 character field for monetary label that can be filled with things like “$” or “GBP” or “EUR”
  15. Fix for the feature of recombining previously separated checks from reopen screen when one or more of the checks had cell type 12 (Discount) applied
  16. Improvements for penny rounding and preset change amount
  17. Allow 4 columns of devices to be listed on the spcwin status screen.
  18. Added logic for a “round up for charity” function.
  19. Improvements to logic when users linger on the time clock screen and then punch in after several minutes.
  20. Fixed an issue with the “Enter Auth #” on the CC AUTH screen if user privilege 34 is off and 118 is on.
  21. New option: Default to Debit
  22. New option: Prep Printer Redirection > Redirected to 0″ will not redirect output.
  23. Added the ability to support REMOTE processing on the Start Tab screen via a new button. New UI required.
  24. Various fixes for Service Charges, including the Service Charge being excluded under certain circumstances and a discrepancy in the check file.
  25. Improved logic: Do not show Debit button when debit is not configured.
  26. Improvements for Start/End Dates in the menu items. If users have the option in Setup > Rest Misc Data > System 3 > Copy Start/End Dates to Menu Cells as OFF, and there are end dates to items, users may not see the Start/End date in the menu items’cells. Users may see MENU ITEM ZERO appear on the prep slip when the item is sent to prep.
  27. New spcwin.ini line:
    1. NoReboot=YES
    2. This line will prevent SPCWIN from restarting automatically if an issue with Windows 7 is encountered. A person will have to manually restart SPCWIN in this circumstance.
  28. Improvements for sites using the “Proceed to Payment” option in conjunction with User Privilege #42, Cannot Send on Separate Check.
  29. Improvements for “Forced Memo” options and scanning of bar codes. In some cases, the system would not accept the bar code scan.
  30. Improvements for covers and overrings. In some cases the cover count does not consider overring transactions


  • The InstallRDC folder has been reorganized. Install media is now located in the “RDC” folder. Loose executables have been migrated to an “Executables” folder.