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NorthStar Recipe Viewer: Live at Lazy Dog Restaurants

July 24, 2013

Join Gary Stotko and Jeremy Julian as they talk with Anthony Mejia, IT Director for Lazy Dog Restaurants. Learn how Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar uses NorthStar Recipe Viewer to: Deliver instant access to their most current recipes, prep instructions and processes to every restaurant kitchen. Ensure quality, consistency and portion control on every order. Realize significant cost-savings over traditional
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point of sale software

What You Should Know about POS in 30 Minutes or Less

June 20, 2013

Restaurant POS experts from CBS take you through the basics of choosing a Point of Sale system. Learn what’s state-of-the-art in POS today. Discover how the right POS can drive profits. Understand the ROI on a POS system. Hear about ‘POS Pitfalls’ to avoid. Get advice on how to pick a POS partner. In just 30 minutes you’ll be ready
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how to choose a pos | ipad pos reviews
POSiTouch Restaurant System

POSitouch Upgrade 6.3. Save Time, Save Money

June 11, 2013

Join the CBS team of POSitouch experts for a live discussion about updating your POSitouch system to version 6.3. Learn about new features and functions in POSitouch v6.3 that can save you time and money. Discover why your older version of POSitouch may not be PCI Compliant, putting your business and reputation at serious risk. Find out how to upgrade
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  • Dining Experience Key to Tempting Customers Back With ever-proliferating cooking shows on TV, a seemingly never-ending list of online recipes, and YouTube educators, it’s never been easier for keen amateur chefs to produce excellent and nutritious meals for a fraction of the cost of dining out. (more…)
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