Our customer wants a new feature. Now what?

Say a customer has asked us to add a feature into one of our products, be it POSitouch, NorthStar Desktop, NorthStar Order Entry, or something else. What do you do with that?

Generally, Application Support will manage feature requests. But before getting App Support involved, we want to find out why the feature is being requested.

When someone asks for a feature, it’s because they want to accomplish something that they don’t have a way to do yet. Maybe there’s another way to do what they want, one that that can be implemented right now without waiting for development.

I know what they want; what do I do?

Once we know why the feature is important, the next step is to escalate the feature request to Application Support. We will work with the development teams at CBS, RDC, DBS, Paytronix, or wherever else we need to in order to get that feature built.

What will happen next?

Application Support publishes release notes with new software releases. When a new feature gets added for us, that feature will be listed in the release notes. We will also try to remind you personally when your feature got added.

If the customer wants to know the status, you may contact App Support at any time to find out when or if we expect the feature to make it into the product. Since App Support isn’t meant to be a customer-facing department, please simply tell the customer you are “checking on the status” and do not refer the customer to App Support.