DT430sc Configuration Utility

This is a notification that Custom Business Solutions has released new software!

Software: CBS DT430 Configuration Utility

Version: 10.8.2012

Released: October 8th, 2012

Available Media:

  • DT430sc Configuration Utility:


  • There is an updated Doc in the file:


Dealers DTR430_Config.zip

The “CBS_DTR430_Config_inst.zip” contains the CBS standard WPA encryption key and has places CBS_NorthStar wall paper on the DT430 desktop.

The “Dealers DTR430_Config.zip” is the same except, that there isn’t an WPA encryption key included (Dealers should use their own), and it places the POSitouch wall paper on the desktop.

Release Notes:


NEW DT430sc:

** The DT430sc has a new interface for the WiFi setup that includes a status monitor tab that can be used to verify, WiFi Connection signal strength.

** There are 2 internal antennas instead of one

** This new release also has a separate Bluetooth radio for connection the Epson Bluetooth P60 wireless printers (Only Epson P60’s are supported)

NEW DT430 Configuration App:

**This configuration apps can be used on both styles of DT430 (DT430c and the new DT430sc), the app detects and loads the appropriate files. (the WiFi radios are different, the WPA Encryption keys are different. The NIC is different) When installing it, it install over the old software

**The new configuration app detects if the L: drive is in use and will use that to connect to the POSDRVR for device IP configuration from SPCWIN.INI. Admin rights are not required if the L: drive is already mapped to the POSDRVR

**Encryption key name have change. the contain the actual model name in them. ex: DT430c instead of DTR430. This will help prevent the wrong key from being used on the wrong model.

**There is a selection on the menu to list the Model # and OS build of the device.

**POSiterm can be Placed and Removed from Startup from the menu.

**The WNTERM.INI file can be edited on the device directly, instead of coping it from the device, edit it, then copy it back. There is still a menu selection to edit the default WNTERN.INI thats used when loading the device.

**There is a new version of POSiterm that can be closed if it doesn’t connect the SPCWIN (There is an exit button on the white POSiterm status screen)

**Modern BMP’s are also included (Set WINTERM.INI bmp to BmpPath=ResidentFlashscbmpmodern)




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