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IAAPA 2016


We’re Joining in the Fun Again!

CBS is pleased to announce that we will be attending IAAPA 2016! We have attended the conference in years past, and also sent our Restaurant Technology Guys out to touch base with emerging industry trends – but we can’t wait to spread the word about our profit-generating products, and best in class restaurant technology.

F&B, Done Right.

We would love to share with you some of the phenomenal statistics from other theme park operators who have streamlined food and beverage operations within their parks. We are even bringing  other satisfied clients to our booth for live testimonials during IAAPA. Catch up with our special guests and learn about how they implemented our solutions, sliced wait times, bumped up table turns, and increased profitability. Their success can be your success, with products that were built for restaurant industry. Experience, numbers, and your bottom line – CBS is F&B, done right.


How did they do it? CBS helped one water park increase F&B profitability by improving average wait times at their most popular foodservice venue from 45 minutes to under 7 minutes using improved technology solutions. Are you ready to increase efficiency and improve your bottom line?

Find out what the power of a best-in-class Restaurant POS can do for your park’s F&B sales. Visit CBS at Booth #4349 or request a free, quick live demo below – and let us shine.


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