Known Issues – January 23, 2013

This is a periodic summary of known issues in our released software. If you discover a problem in released software that is not listed, please send a report to Application Support using the template in KM article #674.


Unresolved Issues:

  • Pappas Issue: Giftcards are sometimes not being funded
  • Pappas Issue: Giftcards causing temp malfunction

Will be resolved in the next release (estimated: April 2013)

  • CC Auth missing from checks
  • Feature: Tip Pool Change
  • Feature: Unsettled Checks as user priv code

NorthStar Change Management

Unresolved Issues:

  • No Known Issues

NorthStar Recipe Editor

Unresolved Issues:

  • When viewing a pdf on the recipe portal, there is no way to close the pdf to get back to RV
  • You have the ability to write anything in the color picker for Recipe Groups.
  • RV Installer will crash if it cannot connect to a database you point to

NorthStar Desktop and Enterprise Portal

Unresolved Issues:

  • Desktop click once installer will not install if it is a brand new install.
    • You’ll have to download the installer from to install from scratch. After installing NS Desktop, you’ll have to go to and run the install to implement the auto update.


If you have any questions please contact us at