Known Issues – April 09, 2013

This is a periodic summary of known issues in our released software. If you discover a problem in released software that is not listed, please send a report to Application Support using the template in KM article #674.


Unresolved issues:

  • Manager able to take payment after reopening a closed check even if user priv codes have the ability to pay unflagged. (313-464389)

Will be resolved in the next release (estimated: July 2013):

  • Employee declaring tips under wrong job code. (CRM – 197-535450)
  • Items showing 0.00 when applying Coupons
  • Forced Memo on take payment discount does not take barcode scan from employee badge
  • FEATURE: Unsettled Checks as user priv code

Resolved in the current release:

  • N/A