NorthStar for Restaurants

Purpose-built solutions for restaurants of all types.

Increase your restaurant sales


NorthStar helps increase the speed of ordering processing.  The more accurate orders lead to quicker turnover and more satisfied customers. We all know, an efficient system means fewer errors and happier customers. Utilizing NorthStar, restaurants can modernize their operations, offer enhanced customer experiences, and ultimately, increase their sales.

Delight your guests

With five distinct ordering methods consolidated into one platform, our POS adapts seamlessly to your restaurant’s dynamic needs. Whether it’s traditional counter service, online orders, or even tableside interactions, we’ve got you covered. Moreover, say goodbye to the age-old miscommunication between the front of the house and the kitchen. Our integrated Kitchen Display System revolutionizes order relay, ensuring precision and timeliness in every dish served.

In an industry where every detail counts, let our system be your cornerstone for impeccable service and operational excellence.

Protect your restaurant's bottom line

  • Recipe management.
  • Use the Payment Processor you want.
  • Uptime with network and security.

Safeguarding your restaurant’s bottom line goes beyond merely maximizing sales; it’s about smart management and operational flexibility. Central to this is our advanced Recipe Management feature, ensuring consistent quality, portion control, and cost efficiency with every dish served. No more worries about wastage or variations that might affect customer satisfaction or your profit margins. Additionally, our system empowers you with the freedom to choose your preferred Payment Processor, offering both flexibility and potentially significant cost savings. But what truly sets us apart is our commitment to network and security uptime. In an era where every transaction and order counts, our robust infrastructure ensures your operations run seamlessly, protected against unforeseen downtimes and potential security breaches.

With us, your restaurant’s profitability and reputation are always in safe hands.

what makes us different

The features we live by

Detailed Reporting

Insights on sales, popular dishes, employee performance, etc., can be invaluable for management.

Floor Plan and Table Management

Oversee and manage table assignments, waiting lists, and reservation systems.

Customizability and Scalability

We know how to help you adapted to any specific needs of the restaurant and can be scalable as the business grows.

User Friendly Interface

A simple, intuitive interface reduces the learning curve for staff and ensures quick and accurate order processing.

Tax and Gratuity Customization

Being able to adjust for local tax rates and suggest gratuities can simplify the checkout process.

Cloud-based Backup and Synchronization

This ensures data is safe, accessible from anywhere, and can be synced across multiple devices.

Offline Mode

If the internet goes down, NorthStar will be able to accept payments and then sync once it's back online.

Kitchen Display System (KDS) Integration

Sends orders directly to the kitchen in real-time, reducing mistakes and streamlining the cooking process.

Multilingual Support

For restaurants in diverse areas or tourist hubs, we have you. CBS's Support Team supports multiple languages.

Can't find your answer? We have them.

Frequently Asked Questions

NorthStar is purpose-built for restaurants by experts who have lived and breathed the restaurant industry. All of CBS NorthStar’s solutions, not just its point of sale, are designed with restaurant needs in mind.

While NorthStar Point of Sale offers competitive advantages, CBS NorthStar services and performs nationwide rollouts for all POS solutions and platforms.

Unlike most restaurant solutions, CBS NorthStar does not require you to use a specific payment processor.

The most popular CBS services include nationwide POS servicing, hardware procurement, and rollouts. CBS NorthStar is trusted by thousands of restaurants across the country.

CBS NorthStar is competitively priced.

Speedy Order Processing

Experience seamless transactions with an interface crafted for speed. With NorthStar POS, minimal taps translate to quicker turnarounds.

Mobile POS Capabilities

Equip staff with mobile devices to take orders directly from customers in line or even before they reach the counter, speeding up the entire process.

Integrated Online Ordering

Allows customers to see the order being inputted, which can reduce errors and increase transparency.

Customization and Modifiers

Embrace the essence of fast-casual with our intuitive customization feature. From salads to sandwiches, NorthStar POS accommodates detailed modifiers with ease, ensuring the kitchen gets the right message every time.

Digital Menu Boards Integration

Easily update and synchronize your digital menu displays directly from NorthStar. This allows for dynamic pricing, highlighting specials, or featuring limited-time offers without the need for separate systems.

Integrated Upselling Suggestions

Based on the items selected by the guests, NorthStar can provide servers with real-time suggestions for upselling complementary dishes, drinks, or desserts. This not only boosts sales but can also enhance the overall dining experience for guests.

Allergy and Dietary Restrictions

Accommodate allergy and dietary preference by enabling servers to assign orders by seat numbers.

Contactless Payment Options

In the evolving landscape of dining, offering contactless payments — such as tap-and-go cards, digital wallets, or QR code payments — can enhance the checkout experience by offering speed and safety.

Drive-Thru Management

For QSRs with drive-thru service, specialized features can streamline the ordering process, enhance communication between NorthStar and kitchen, and track drive-thru-specific metrics.