New Release: NorthStar Recipe Viewer (Rapid Release)

This is a notification that Custom Business Solutions has released new software!

Software: NorthStar Recipe Viewer

Version: Rapid Release

Released: May 1st 2013


  • FIXED – Issue where Search in the portal side cannot find some items
  • FIXED – Issue where Editor is getting Unhandled exception when right clicking recipe and printing multi language template.
  • FIXED – Issue where some recipes are missing images when you print using the multi-language template


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Available Media:

  • Recipe Viewer Editor:

Release Links


  • Installation Instructions for Recipe Viewer Portal Upgrade:

1) Download the latest Recipe Viewer Portal located in

Release Links


2) Extract the contents of the zip file downloaded into your Recipe Viewer Portal folder in the server. They are normally located in c:inetpubwwwrootrv folder (Note: If you made any customizations to any css files or ascx files to change fonts or colors in the portal folder, it may be over written.)


3) Restart IIS.

4) Once the portal folder has been upgraded, you will then need to launch the recipe editor to complete the upgrade. (Note: if the SQL User client used in the Recipe Editor Setup does not have any Database Owner and SysAdmin rights to the database, you may get an error while logging in.)

  • Recipe Viewer Portal Install Full Install:

Release Links


  • Installation Instructions for brand new Recipe Viewer Portal Full Install: