Northstar Desktop Licensing

NorthStar Desktop Licensing

NorthStar Version 4.3.X or Greater Has No Product Key if a licensing window does appear the following fix should alleviate the problem.

!Make Sure you have a current Backup of the QReports folder!

Use the “Uninstall A Program” functionality found in the “control panel” application to Remove the Old NorthStar Desktop Software.

1) Uninstall:

a) The (NorthStar) DesktopInstaller see pic 1 below
b) Any NorthStar Desktop Versions
c) Any JMCTools Versions

2) Rename the QReports folder to QReportsOrig

3) Go to and download the current version of NorthStar Desktop to a location you can access.

a) Right Click the setup program and Run the setup program as an Administrator.

4) From the previous QReports Folder (QReportsOrig), copy the following to C:qreports:

1) *.mdb
2) *.ini
3) *.config
4) *.xml


Example: Copy c:QReportsOrig*.mdb C:QReports

If you continue to have any issues with NorthStar Desktop Licensing Please contact The CBS HelpDesk