Why does NorthStar Desktop show all my old invoices as uncommitted?

You may run across a customer trying to commit AP in NorthStar Desktop, and very old invoices are showing up to be committed again.

Why is this happening?

With NorthStar Desktop 4.5, we added automatic purging of the MDB files in the C:QReports directory. This was to avoid files like qDBFData.mdb growing to over 1 gigabyte in size and becoming corrupted. Part of this purge routine also removed old invoice numbers from qAPData.mdb.

POSitouch is supposed to purge old invoices from its files TRNHDR.DBF and TRNDTL.DBF, but sometimes this process does not work when using arbitrary-period inventory.

After NorthStar Desktop purges old invoices, if they still exist in POSitouch’s files, then NorthStar Desktop will try to re-import them the next time AP is committed.

What can I do about it?

In NorthStar Desktop 4.10, we changed the purge process so it no longer purges old invoice numbers, so this should not be a problem in the future. We also added new logic that compares data in trnhdr.dbf and trndtl.dbf with what we have in our database. If this occurs again however, NSD 4.12 and above now ignores any invoice that is older than 12 months.


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