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More simple, profitable, and integrated than any other solution.Precisely engineered for the restaurant industry, our NorthStar software has the reflexes to react fast and outperform the standard.

The NorthStar suite of products offers two money-saving software platforms for your restaurant:

  • NorthStar POS: The hospitality industry’s first iPad-based POS. Manage your restaurant from anywhere and allow your guests to order from everywhere with NorthStar POS.
  • NorthStar Recipe Viewer: Protect what makes your restaurant better than the rest: your recipes. Ditch the flip cards and binders. Forget about the printing, laminating, and shipping. With Recipe Viewer, your valuable recipes live safe in the cloud and are digitally displayed for your chefs and line cooks to reference at their fingertips.

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World View
Monitor all of your active locations and vitals on a single page.

Find the problem, before it's a problem.
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Recipe Viewer
Manage recipes, replace training manuals, and update communication.

All from one location,
safe and secure.
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