Changing POS Software as you know it.

ONE Software, FIVE ways to take orders.

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Now you can be THAT place!

Introducing NorthStar Order Entry, an innovative solution that puts convenience and flexibility in the hands of your employees and will empower your guests.

By putting your menu to work at multiple touch points, you’ll create happier customers and a more efficient business while you’re at it.

Order Entry is changing POS as you know it. It’s one software that works where your guests are.

Whether it’s ordering at the table, from a walk-up counter, from a kiosk in the lobby, their PC or smartphone, or by giving your order to a waiter, Order Entry will create an experience that will keep your guests coming back for more.

NorthStar Order Entry is a powerful tool built on speed, control, and customization.
With Order Entry, your customers are able to order online from their computer or smartphone and have it ready for delivery or before they get there.

Customers can conveniently create preorders right from your lobby or order from a tablet waiting for them at their table.

Customers can also pay right at the table, split checks and even email themselves a receipt.

Order Entry creates the exact experience each customer wants with less wait times. Your restaurant will experience up to 30% more table turns, meaning more tips for your waiters and a healthier bottom line.

I know what you’re thinking. My POS can do all this… With the right add-ons.

But Order Entry was designed by people who know the restaurant business. They know managing all those add-on’s is a headache for you, and inconvenient for your guests.

And managing your menu has never been easier!

Order Entry is powered by a fully integrated enterprise content management solution that streamlines operations and keeps your data safe in the cloud.

You can update and configure your menu, change your pricing, and tweak your food selections in REAL TIME right from the web.

Make changes just once – and they’re delivered everywhere you chose, to every device!

For you and your staff, there’s an entire suite of tools to make the entire customer experience run more smoothly…
NorthStar Order Entry delivers a fast and secure credit card transaction with end-to-end encryption. This offers you and your guest peace of mind that data is safe.
Yes, you can be THAT place!

Order Entry is the ultimate tool to empower your guests. Put your restaurant in their hands… and make life easier.

NorthStart Order Entry… Changing POS as you know it.


Plus! Now included with NorthStar Order Entry:


CBS Northstar POS Software in the newsUse it Everywhere

The Hospitality Industry’s first tablet-based omnichannel ordering solution.
…not just another POS software, an innovative business solution. NorthStar Order Entry is simple to deploy, simple to train, and simple to use. It’s as simple as that. And since all of your restaurant’s data is stored in the cloud, you can manage from anywhere. It just works.

  • POS Software– staff-facing orders
  • Guest – customer ordering at table
  • Kiosk – pre-order from your lobby
  • Web – online ordering
  • Mobile – wireless device ordering

Manage ALL of Your Content from ONE Location

Stop wasting time managing several different POS Systems when you can manage all of your content SIMULTANEOUSLY from anywhere. Yes, anywhere.

  • Log in from anywhere
  • Mobile, too! Manage your menu from any web-enabled device
  • Modify one, two, or all your stores at once
  • Change prices, content, images & more
  • Controls All Modes
restaurant POS software

POS – Staff-facing Orders

Easy to train, easy to learn user interface.

The NorthStar Order Entry POS Software is a cloud based, tablet based point of sale system that utilizes the latest Technologies featuring end to end encryption of credit card processing, real time data to the cloud, web based config tools and component based items. Packed with over 25 robust features, NorthStar is the ultimate restaurant software. Built in integration with guest, kiosk, online and mobile ordering. The same menus, prices and options – managed from anywhere.

Staff Ordering POS – Software Features
restaurant table ordering POS Software

In-Restaurant Guest Ordering

Have seated consumers ordering for themselves in less than 1 minute with the CBS Northstar POS Tablet system. Customers can quickly order for themselves at table, pay at the table, sign at the table. All without needing service. Packed with features like split checks and email receipts. Built in integration with your restaurant POS software, the same menus, prices and options – managed from anywhere.

Guest Ordering – POS Software Features
Kiosk Ordering POS System

Kiosk Ordering POS System

When time is of the essence, your customers can pre-order from the lobby for dine-in or take-out. Orders go directly to the kitchen at your preferred prioritization. Get customers in and out with ease and speed, eliminating long order times and streamlining not only the ordering process, but the entire guest experience. Built in integration with your restaurant POS system, the same menus, prices and options – managed from anywhere.

Kiosk Ordering – Software Features
web ordering restaurant software

Web/Online Ordering

Online ordering doesn’t have to be a hassle. With NorthStar Order Entry, customers can quickly and easily order from the convenience of their computer. Delivery, dine-in and catering options with integrated credit card payments. Built in integration with your restaurant POS software, the same menus, prices and options – managed from anywhere.

Web/Online Ordering – Software Features
mobile ordering restaurant pos software

Mobile Ordering

Put your restaurant in your customer’s hands. Users have access to your menu anytime, anywhere. Feature packed online ordering POS software for delivery, dine-in and catering including credit card payments. Fully integrated with all other interfaces. The same menus, prices and options – managed from anywhere.

Mobile Ordering – Software Features
Worldview Restuarant POS Software


WorldView is a revolutionary way to monitor all of your active sites. WorldView puts all of your locations on a single page and monitors the vitals of your system. When the POS software identifies an issue, it is reflected on the board. Meaning action can be taken quick with less down time. With less down time, it’s less headache for you.

WorldView – Monitoring

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Hi. Welcome. Got 2 minutes? I’ll show you how I work. If you haven’t noticed, I’m an iPad.

Here’s the plan:

  1. Swipe a card (to start a tab)
  2. Order Food
  3. Pay when ready

Don’t worry, I’m not replacing your servers. We’re working together on this. Lets get started…

First swipe your card. Why? So you can pay your check, and leave, when you are ready. Rather pay cash? We can handle that. One of my co-workers will come over to help.

Order when ready! Scroll up and down with your fingers.
Remember, I’m an iPad! Touch “add” to choose an item. Hot tips:

  • Touch “place my order” to send your order in
  • Order drinks first

Ok, here’s the fun part! Customizing!

  • Drag things on and off
  • When you’re ready touch “place my order”
  • I’ll get your order right to the kitchen

Ready to go?

  • Touch “I want to pay”
  • Put it on the card or choose cash
  • Review your bill
  • Add tip
  • Sign on screen
  • You’re good to go!
  • Your receipt is in your email box.

So that’s it!

  • Swipe
  • Order
  • Pay
  • And have some fun
  • Need help? Touch ‘Need something”

It’s your turn. Have fun!

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