Timeforge + NorthStar

Restaurants using TimeForge and with NorthStar now have access to TimeForge’s powerful sales forecasting, which promises less than 1-2% variance when predicting hourly restaurant sales. With accurate sales data, our customers can optimize their labor and control labor costs. In addition, you now also now have access to TimeForge’s feature-rich workforce management suite, which covers the full employee lifecycle. This means seamless applicant tracking, hiring, scheduling, and attendance, all from the same centralized dashboard. With built-in labor compliance and schedule enforcement, TimeForge is a perfect complement to NorthStar.

Fully-automated Sales Forecast

Optimize your labor with fully-automated sales forecasts that are 98.87% accurate

Overtime Reduction

Reduce overtime costs and enforce employee schedules, meals, and breaks


Eliminate buddy punching, long punches, and other forms of time theft

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If you have more than 1 employee, the answer is YES!

TimeForge is a full-featured labor management system that handles scheduling, attendance, and sales-to-labor analytics. TimeForge handles the labor side of operations, calculating things like overtime, penalty pay, vacation, etc.

TimeForge syncs with NorthStar to replace NorthStar’s internal clocking in and out method, and provide operators with a larger suite of options around schedule enforcement, certification tracking, and a number of other HCM solutions.

Absolutely! TimeForge offers a biometric timeclock that works seamlessly with NorthStar.