PosReady Image Admin Issues

As you may know we have been putting out a lot of POSReady2k9 images in the last 18 months, and due to PCI compliance these images do not have admin rights on the POS user (the IBM Mickey 310 kiosk has admin rights on this user). Due to this we have discovered that we had issues with mapping and thus issues with nightly processes copying the correct data to the redundant terminal and mirror directory on the back office. This also was affecting upgrades in which full SC directories were copied from an older machine to one of these newer ones. Please see the notes below on actions that need to be taking place on these images prior to install of new systems as well as upgrades where posdrivers are swapped out with these images.

  • the Redundant terminal needs to have the SC shared with full read/write for all users after imaging, and the Backoffice needs a mirror directory added and shared with full read/write for all users after setup.
  • POS Drivers needs to map to SC on redundant terminal with following command line net use m: \ /persistent:yes (Ip scheme may be different)
  • POS Driver needs to map to Mirror on back office with following commad line net use l: \ /persistent:yes (Ip scheme may be different)
  • When copying SC, Checks, CC, DBF, ALTDBF, Export, and OUTFILES (anything else posdriver may write to) from old terminal to new posready terminal, it must be done in the CBS logon. You must also go into the properties of these directories and give the Users account type write privileges to all the copied over directories.
  • The write privileges step can be avoided with Ctrl +A and pasting from with in the directory to the new terminals corresponding directory… (may take longer though)

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