Why is Recipe Viewer complaining about utensils?

Beginning on July 30, you may find some Recipe Viewer portals displaying this error when trying to view a recipe:

DataBinding: ‘System.Data.DataRowView’ does not contain a property with the name ‘UtensilName’.

Why is this happening?

On July 30, an update to NorthStar Recipe Editor was deployed. This update installs automatically the next time Recipe Editor is launched. The update changes the database in a way that the Recipe Portal website does not expect.

What can I do about it now?

Updating the Recipe Portal to the Long Term Release or Rapid Release version of RV should resolve the issue. The update can be downloaded from RV Preview and Release Links. There are instructions in that blog on how to install the software.

  1. Unzip the updated files on top of the existing Recipe Portal folder. This is on the IIS server that hosts the Recipe Viewer web site.
  2. Copy the <connectionStrings> and <appSettings> sections from “Web.config” to “_Web.config“.
  3. Rename “_Web.config” to “Web.config“.

What’s being done about it?

The Development and Application Support have developed a new way to distribute software. Please refer to New Release Method for more information on what was done.