New Release: NorthStar Recipe Viewer

This is a notification that Custom Business Solutions has released new software!

Software: NorthStar Recipe Viewer

Version: NorthStar Recipe Viewer Portal Server
Version: NorthStar Recipe Viewer Editor Server
Version: NorthStar Recipe Viewer Editor Client
Version: NorthStar Recipe Viewer Portal Update

Released: June 24, 2014

Release Notes:


  • LS-59 – When doing a print preview on a recipe that has a long quantity label, it word wraps the quantity label and makes the recipe hard to read
  • LS-190 – Multi select print on the RV only prints 1 recipe
  • LS-266 – Moving a Recipe without a Group from the Master Recipe List into a Group No Longer Actually Moves it Into that Group
  • LS-276 – The quantity Drop Down cuts off the title if the title is too long
  • LS-284 – Recipe Module Button Wrapping Is Not The Same As Version
  • LS-285 – When doing a recipe search the background image is pulling a different image not the customized images.
  • LS-287 – Image Carousel – Horizontal Scroll For Multiple Images has issues for large images.
  • LS-289 – Recipe Note and Utensil Spacing, Alignment, and Formatting in Viewer do not match the previous versions of RV.
  • LS-291 – Previous recipe button skips levels
  • LS-295 – Getting object reference not set to an instance of an object when accessing some recipes.
  • LS-300 – Carousel arrows are missing

    NOTE: The line .body overflow:auto is not supported. You need to take that setting out in RecipeViewer.css for the carousel to work properly.

  • LS-307 – Recipe image attributes are not getting saved if the note title and/or the description are blank.
  • LS-320 – Some recipe groups, have some recipes disappear when multiple users touch the group at the same time
  • LS-299 – Image first causes back button to require multiple taps to start working again.
  • LS-306 – Recipe image size does not honor the size set in the editor.
  • LS-283] – 2.1.11.x Upgrade setup Does Not Perform The Entire Upgrade
  • Enhancements:

    • LS-286 – Recipe Search  – On-Screen Keyboard Improvements
    • LS-305 – Auto resize the images in the carousel so customers do not have to scroll up or down

      NOTE: You now have the option to set max height and width in Tools/Options. Any image that surpasses these settings will be resized automatically.

    Available Media:

    • All media found in:\hq-file1sharedInstallNorthStarNorthStar Recipe Viewer2.1.11.3

    If you are a customer and need to get a hold of this install, please contact your Account Manager or Sales Representative

    • RecipeEditorClient.exe will install the Recipe Editor Only
    • RecipePortalUpdate.exe will update Recipe Portal Files Only
    • RecipePortalServer.exe will give you the option to install RV Portal from Scratch or Update an existing Portal
    • RecipeEditorServer.exe is will give you the option to install Recipe Editor Database and Recipe Portal Database
    • Installation Instructions for Recipe Viewer Portal Upgrade:

    Updating Existing RV

    • Installation Instructions for Recipe Viewer Portal Install From Scratch:

    NEW Recipe Viewer Install