New Release: NorthStar Recipe Viewer (Rapid Release Preview)

This is a notification that Custom Business Solutions has released new software!

Software: NorthStar Recipe Viewer

Version: Rapid Release Preview

Released: Feb 5th 2013

Available Media:

  • Recipe Viewer Editor:

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  • Installation Instructions for Recipe Viewer Portal Upgrade:

1) Download the latest Recipe Viewer Portal located in

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2) Extract the contents of the zip file downloaded into your Recipe Viewer Portal folder in the server. They are normally located in c:inetpubwwwrootrv folder (Note: If you made any customizations to any css files or ascx files to change fonts or colors in the portal folder, it may be over written.)


3) Restart IIS.

4) Once the portal folder has been upgraded, you will then need to launch the recipe editor to complete the upgrade. (Note: if the SQL User client used in the Recipe Editor Setup does not have any Database Owner and SysAdmin rights to the database, you may get an error while logging in.)

  • Recipe Viewer Portal Install Full Install:

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  • Installation Instructions for brand new Recipe Viewer Portal Full Install:

Release Notes:


  • As a corporate user, I want the ability to re-arrange the images on the media page.
  • When adding a recipe to a group, you can type in the recipe name to search. The field only takes the first letter of the recipe name, you need to scroll and find the one you want.
  • Need to change MultiLingual Template Order
  • Enhanced the way MultiLingual Report Works
  • Need to have MultiLingual Report work even with multiple stages added.
  • Recipe Viewer – Client Auto Update will point to release notes.


  • Error Message appears when editing some recipes
  • Adding Large amount of stages to a recipe causes error
  • When copying a recipe, the copy loses all associated images from original recipe
  • When printing recipes from a browser with 2 pages, it will cut off the second page
  • When printing a group it will give you a .net error “not set to an instance of an object”
  • When viewing a pdf on the recipe portal, there is no way to close the pdf to get back to RV
  • Special Characters limit the text box length
  • Text Box for stages do not wrap when you have lots of characters
  • Getting .Net Error when updating the recipe detail
  • RV Installer will crash if it cannot connect to a database you point to
  • You have the ability to write anything in the color picker for Recipe Groups
  • Search Function only works when users are logged in recipe viewer client
  • Alpha Sort for Recipes is sorting on the html mark up
  • When pressing A-Z in the recipe client, the modified tags disappear
  • Database maintenance fails on SQL Server 2005
  • Fixed issue where Headers and Font show html fonts when printing for Multilingual Report.