New Release: Order Entry 2.0 for iPad

This is a notification that Custom Business Solutions has released new software!

Software: NorthStar Order Entry

Version: 2.0

Released: 02/17/2014

Available Media:


  • OE-18 – After changing Order Entry Server address in ipad a new menu and table map are not downloaded
  • OE-194 – Kitchen tickets are not being printed when a second iPad applies payment on a takeout check
  • OE-253 – Featured Items are not displaying on the ipad after the table is sat and authorized.
  • OE-284 – Void/Refund of a ticket sale prints a new ticket
  • OE-354 – Disabled Devices are still able to connect to the iPad Server
  • OE-362 – Time reports automatically clock the user out/in at the end of a business day when using FLSA payroll rules.
  • OE-478 – Related Items in Guest UI do not always load
  • OE-500 – Guest UI: Sending a $0.00 item to the kitchen causes iPad to alert user “ask a server for assistance”
  • OE-505 – Gift Cards Issued receipts is printing $0.00 balance
  • OE-527 – Reporting Service is unstable. Service needs multiple restarts, reports unknown data and duplicate sales
  • OE-630 – Lisenter stops working and the service needs to be reset
  • OE-689 – Menu Manager (out of stock) does not update all ipads when adding/removing menuitems from avaialable items list.
  • OE-734 – Historical reports do not show any payment data since version .51


  • OE-168 – New device registration for Order Entry on iPad, no longer using Mac address.
  • OE-181 – Order Entry will print a receipt logo which has been configured in ECM.
  • OE-306 – Simplified the Kiosk ordering and payment experience for the customer.
  • OE-609 – Reporting service is more resiliant, will keep running if Order Entry Server is down or .sdf is not found.

New Feature

  • OE-103 – Ability for the user to set a receipt logo for a restaurant concept.
  • OE-154 – When Kiosk idle expires, iPad will finalize session and mark all items are voided as abandoned.
  • OE-293 – Application has been updated, supports iOS7
  • OE-579 – Maintain iOS6 compatibility (client .52) with Order Entry 2.0 Services.