New Release: Order Entry 2.2 for iPad – Drive Thru!

This is a notification that Custom Business Solutions has released new software!

Software: NorthStar Order Entry

Version: 2.2

Released: 04/15/2014

Available Media:

Order Entry 2.2 is shipping now from the Apple App Store.
Important Links:
• Available exclusively on the App Store
• Documentation: How to Create a Drive-Thru Order
• Release Notes

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In this release we’ve added support for Drive Thru operation mode. Drive Thru mode provides restaurant operators with the workflow they would expect for optimum performance of drive-thru operations:

New Feature

    • Support for multiple types of drive thru windows (single and dual window, multiple lane, parked orders).
    • On the fly ordering, send items to the kitchen immediately when they are ordered.
    • Order takers can build and submit an order and a new order is started automatically.
    • Payment takers can pick from unpaid orders, take payment, then pick another order to pay.
    • Food distributors can review paid orders, hand out food and finalize orders.
    • Staff can park an order and recall and finalize it after food has been distributed.

Also in this update:
Payment Enhancement:

  • Pending cash payment amount is updated if more items are added to the check.