New Release: POSitouch release 12.09

This is a notification that Custom Business Solutions has released new software!

Software: POSitouch 5 and POSitouch 6

Version: 12.09

Released: 09/05/2012

Available Media:

  • All media found in: \hq-file1.cbsinc.comSharedInstallRDC
  • “New Machine Setup” is for installing a single machine that has never had POSitouch installed.
  • “System Update” is for updating an entire restaurant. It should be run from the backoffice computer (or posdriver only if the restaurant does not have a backoffice).

Release Notes:

Your feedback is important! If you discover an issue with the installation media, please contact Application Support immediately so we can resolve the issue for the next release. Your assistance makes our software better!

Installation Enhancements:

  • Installation process is now highly automated. After filling out one sheet of information, the rest of the installation process should be fully automated.
  • Expiration date has been extended to April 1, 2013.
  • Installation process has been tested with both Windows 7 and 64-bit backoffice machines.
  • Unzipping “” is no longer required.
  • Supports installing up to 25 terminals.
  • CCSetup is now installed during system updates.
  • Screen savers and printer logos are not overwritten.
  • The .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.0 is downloaded and installed along with POSitouch. If the site has blocked Internet access, you can also transfer the full .NET installs and point the installers to them. It will then use them instead of trying to download.
  • At least 200% more shiny than before.

POSitouch Enhancements:

  • Fixed: “Tip adjustment” doesn’t work properly for accidentally entered tips greater than $10,000
  • Fixed: Incorrect auth amount on CC auth screen when “remove tax” is used on a form of payment
  • Fixed: Customer display does not show order tracking
  • Fixed: Meal break exceptions are not checked for users who don’t use the POS
  • Fixed: TAW.EXE is unable to adjust paid breaks
  • Fixed: Positerm gets stuck when refunding a gift card on a reopened check
  • Fixed: CC Auth screen displays a meaningless balance amount for certain forms of payment
  • Fixed: PosiRpt doesn’t correctly attribute comps to managers
  • Fixed: Cannot change jobs properly when “pay if shorter” is turned on for breaks
  • Fixed: PMS system always receives table #1 when using “Adjustment” button
  • Fixed: Various causes of checkfile discrepancies
  • Fixed: Various causes of temporary malfunctions


  • The InstallRDC folder has been reorganized. Install media is now located in the “RDC” folder. Loose executables have been migrated to an “Executables” folder.