NorthStar Secure Browser Installer

This is a notification that Custom Business Solutions has released new software!

Software: NorthStar Secure Browser Installer


Released: June 28th 2012

Product Description:

  • Installer gives you an option to install both SecureBrowserVB6 version and SecureBrowser .Net version.
  • Secure Browser is used to display a web page and prevents the USER from accessing any other part of the computer.
  • NorthStar Software that uses this application:
  1. Recipe Viewer (Client computers use this as the browser instead of Internet Explorer)

Available Media:

  • For CBS Customers go to and log in using your credentials. If you do not see Secure Browser under the downloads tab, please contact your CBS Account Representative so they can give you access to it.

Release Notes:


  • (.NET Version Only) You now have an option to have the settings be written in an INI or in the registry.
  • (.NET Version Only) The registry settings and INI are now encrypted.
  • (.NET Version Only) Tampering the content in the INI will clear the URL Settings.
  • (.NET Version Only) If neither INI nor Registry exists, Secure Browser will go back to the default blank settings.


  • (.NET Version Only) Secure Browser was not reading the passwords entered in setup.
  • VB6 Version Fix – Secure Browser gets an error and shuts down Secure Browser when viewing images from a URL.

Known Issues: