Software Information POSitouch WideScreen Terminal Bitmap Update is Available!


This is a notification that POSitouch has available 16:9 Aspect Ratio Screen Bitmaps!

Software: POSitouch
Version:5.34 & 6.34 and up
Released: December 12th 2012

Available Media:

  • \HQ-File1SharedInstallRDCExecutablesBMP
  • Installation Instructions:
  •  \HQ-File1SharedInstallRDCExecutablesBMPClassicWidescreen Classicreadme.txt
  • \HQ-File1SharedInstallRDCExecutablesBMPModernWidescreen Modernreadme.txt

If you can not reach these URL Please contact your CBS Customer Representative for Assistance

Release Notes:


  • This will allow for the Use of Wide Screen (16:)Terminals


  • This should allow to correct the terminal display on “WideScreen” Terminals

Known Issues:

  • No known issues.