New Software Release Method for NorthStar Change Management and Recipe Viewer

Important Notice – CBS will be changing the way Software will be released for NorthStar Change Management and Recipe Viewer.

What will be changing?

There will be 2 links that you can subscribe to, the Rapid Release link and the Long Term Release link. Each will be supplemented with a Preview link that will allow you to install in your lab. If you subscribe to the Rapid Release, you will get a preview link, along with the release notes, which will be potentially updated every 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, we will push the Rapid Release into production. This link is for customers that want to get the latest and greatest enhancements/fixes as soon as possible. If you subscribe to the Long Term Release, you will get an update with the enhancements/fixes every 6 months. 60 days before the Long Term Release gets updated, you will get a preview link, along with the release notes, that you can test in your lab.

What if I discover a defect on the preview link?

Report the defect to Please make sure to let support know which version (Either Rapid Preview/Release or Long Term Preview/Release) you are on. From there, the helpdesk will give the Development team steps to reproduce and a lab to replicate the problem. If the defect is deemed as CRITICAL, we will hold on pushing the release until we fix the defect. Once the defect is fixed, you will get another preview link and wait another 2 weeks until we push the fixes to the Rapid Release build. It is highly unlikely that a CRITICAL defect will make its way to the Long Term Preview Link since we have a cutoff point on what goes into the Long Term Release (To know what the cut-off point is, please contact Rom Krupp).

What if I don’t want to receive any of these updates?

Let us know that you don’t want to receive any of the updates and we will send you the IP Address and Port so that you can block the updates on your firewall. Please keep in mind that if you do block these updates YOUR SOFTWARE WILL NOT BE SUPPORTED BY CBS.

If you have any questions please contact us at