Software Update: NorthStar Desktop 4.12

This is a notification that Custom Business Solutions has released new software!

Software: NorthStar Desktop

Version: 4.12

Released: January 21st 2013

Available Media:

  • Installation Instructions: Automatic Update

Release Notes:


  • Add 2 missing fields to the Statutory Holiday Payroll Eligibility Report
  • Statutory Holiday Payroll needs to omit punches with 0 min for eligibility and any punches that are 13 min or less.
  • Desktop will now check for any .OPN files before running any commit. If there are any .OPN files, Desktop will prompt you with options to quit or retry.
  • Desktop will now only verify AP data within the past 12 months before it commits.
  • This should solve issues where old trnhdr.dbf and trndtl.dbf suddenly show up in the system and cause old AP invoices to show up.


  • Paychex002 needs address 3 reported on HR Integration Report
  • NorthStar Desktop Alert “require all users to be punched out to commit” even when everybody is punched out.
  • Labor Hours and Dollars are not matching POSitouch TA when using Labor Hours by Labor Center by Day Part-Scheduled
  • Desktop does not show all fields while running GL Commit
  • Payroll Export is not exporting tips in earnings 5
  • Fixed issue where Desktop will audit all inventory numbers if the customer deletes an obsolete inventory item in POSI.
  • Fixed issue where Desktop will not honor backup folder location setting in QBackup setup.
  • Fixed issue where split shift count on Payroll Summary Report is wrong. (Ebar Issue)

Known Issues

No known issues. If you run into any problems, please contact .