New Software Update: NorthStar Enterprise Content Management

This is a notification that Custom Business Solutions has released new software!

Software: NorthStar Enterprise Content Management


Released: July 19th 2013

Available Media:

  • Existing ECM customers can click this link to access the production Enterprise Content Management Link – ECM
  • If you are a new customer and would like more information on this product, please contact your Account Manager or Sales Representative

Release Notes:


  • Fixed – Editing Day Part allows you to enter an End Date that occurs before the Start Date.
  • Fixed – Employee only deploys stopped working
  • Fixed – Newly added printer does not display in Site dialog unless you save, exit, then reopen the site dialog
  • Fixed – When editing a component category, new tag does not update in list view after save
  • Fixed – Invalid Identity Type error when click on Users -> Users after 60 sec inactivity
  • Fixed – Special characters cause “A potentially dangerous Request.Form…” error
  • Fixed – Employee only deploys stopped working


    • Refactor deploy to deliver only in-use media items (previous method included all account media).
      Media deploys only new/updated media when the Add multimedia (images, video, etc) checkbox is checked for deploy. Optionally perform full media deploy.

        To help reduce time required to transfer media to a site, ECM now employs increment media deploys. When a site first deploys media, ECM detects and sends all media associated with the site. As changes are made to media and/or different media is associated to different menu items, subsequent media deploys will only include the changed or modified media. Take a simple example:
      • Deploy 1: Deploy media: All 30 images are deployed.
      • Deploy 2:
      • o Operator uploads one new image to one existing menu item.
      • o Operator adds one new menu item with 3 images
      • o Deploy media includes 4 images (1 updated + 3 new)

NOTE: Currently, the iPad will still download all 30 images. This update affects only transit from ECM to the NSOE Server, not NSOE Server to iPads.

      • Sometimes it is necessary to send all media files (file corruption or simply as a sanity check). To send a media file containing all required media, CHECK the Force a full Media deploy checkbox. Subsequent deploys after a Full Media deploy will be incremental from the last Full Media deploy.
      • Site deploy has an additional check box Force a full Media deploy. This checkbox can be checked only if the Add multimedia (images, video, etc.) check box is CHECKED.


    • Add UI Elements to media deploy (requires NSOE build 50).
        Customer that have Guest UI enabled can specify user-defined images to replace the default NSOE interface elements to customize the guest-facing interface. These user-defined elements are deployed during a Site deploy with the Add multimedia (images, video, etc) checkbox CHECKED.
    • As a user I can set my tax rate to 4 decimal places (NY)
        Users can set their tax rate up to 4 decimal places.

NOTE: We are still testing calculation correctness in the NSOE Server; an updated server build may be required.


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