Software Update: POSitouch release 12.09a

This is a notification that Custom Business Solutions has released new software!

Software: POSitouch 5 and POSitouch 6

Version: 12.09a

Released: 09/20/2012

Available Media:

  • All media found in: \hq-file1.cbsinc.comSharedInstallRDC
  • “New Machine Setup” is for installing a single machine that has never had POSitouch installed.
  • “System Update” is for updating an entire restaurant. It should be run from the backoffice computer (or posdriver only if the restaurant does not have a backoffice).

Release Notes:

Your feedback is important! If you discover an issue with the installation media, please contact Application Support immediately so we can resolve the issue for the next release. Your assistance makes our software better!

POSitouch Enhancements since 12.09:

  • Reverted to 2001 runwait.exe (fixes giftcert.exe getting stuck during nightly)

Installation Enhancements since 12.09:

  • Installation no longer continues if posdriver cannot be mapped.
  • Added pre-installation instructions to avoid situations that might cause L: to not map properly.
  • Remove old executable packages if they exist.
  • Possible fix for the System Update package getting stuck during installation.


  • The InstallRDC folder has been reorganized. Install media is now located in the “RDC” folder. Loose executables have been migrated to an “Executables” folder.