Software Update: POSitouch release 12.11

This is a notification that Custom Business Solutions has released new software!

Software: POSitouch 5 and POSitouch 6

Version: 12.11

Released: 11/20/2012

Available Media:

  • All media found in: \hq-file1.cbsinc.comSharedInstallRDC
  • “New Machine Setup” is for installing a single machine that has never had POSitouch installed.
  • “System Update” is for updating an entire restaurant. It should be run from the backoffice computer (or posdriver only if the restaurant does not have a backoffice).

Release Notes:

Your feedback is important! If you discover an issue with the installation media, please contact Application Support immediately so we can resolve the issue for the next release. Your assistance makes our software better!

POSitouch Enhancements:

  • Fix: “internal: extra base rates found” message
  • Fix: Ebar labor_10.dat and Sales_10.dat issue showing negative hours and sales don’t match one another.
  • Fix: Itemdisc.dbf distribution is wrong when there is a discount and payment as a discount on the same check
  • Fix: Discount category summary report missing data
    • Issue – The Discount/Coupon report is showing us different numbers depending on whether we run it for “discount category summary” or “coupon/comp detail”.
  • Fix: Discount/coupon report not accounting for overring payment discounts
  • Fix: Incorrect cashouts when paying checks together (369-498101)
  • Fix: Found T file with comp split from primary item (313-498122)
  • Fix: XML UpdateOrder to allow processing DiscountNumber tag
  • Fix: for KVDU bumping with barcode scanning in case of the flag “Each send is new vdu window”
  • Fix: to remove dangling slot of type 78 after doing a single server cash-out that includes closed checks.
  • Fix: scroll on reopen review
  • Fix: Type 5 in ITEMDISC disappears with multiple discount types
  • Fix/Feature – Compare # in party when accessing take payment. Changing number in party on v/e forces need to reprint.
  • Fix: masked gift cards. Mask gift cards in XML out files based on GC masking flag
  • Fix: to prevent accepting cards on Zero-balanced check in version 6.3 to eliminate the possibility to retry these cards later when check balance becomes non-zero. This is the fix for the issue where server authorized CC for full check amount and then when server went to pay check, CC auth amount unexpectedly has changed to 0.00 causing inability to properly close the check after retrying the same card. Version 5.3 should work the old way (accepting cards on Zero-balanced checks and allow retrying these cards when check balance becomes non-zero).
  • Fix: for printing EOD cash-out. Old spcwin in some cases printed EOD cash-out with missing parts or misaligned characters.
  • Fix: Seat makes sep and comps.
  • Fix: Cell type 12 + coupon is missing primary item price
  • Fix: for Paytronix lookup if it returns short card numbers (less than 10 digits).
  • Fix: Eliminate some overlooked messages of CC IP Addresses on spcwin status screen and error.lst (both 5.3 and 6.3). The cases to check is with both CC_SocketClose=YES and NO and when middleware is running and not running
  • Fix: Auto coupons. Problem with auto coupons and show as negative
  • Fix: Hourly Flash Report- back office showing negative numbers
  • Fix for Media Type field in remote DEBIT transactions
  • Fix: Send time
  • Fix: “Use reporting discount field” causes memos to repeat (313-496575)
  • Fix: Second comp card causes a negative balance check. For Ebar.
  • Fix:18 order vdu’s
  • Fix: Disable by default “Manual entry, Please Imprint below” text on CC receipts for manually entered cards. This text is only available with ARG=167
  • Fix: Suggested gratuity. Removes one of the old conditions that forces printing suggested gratuity on guest checks and CC receipts. This condition is a check’s cost center. The BOW setup for this feature was removed long time ago but spcwin was still checking for this condition.
  • Fix: for the issue with the option “Payment System Options 2 > Manager override for tips over %”. Spcwin was sending 0.00 Tip instead of actual Tip amount after manager swiped their card and confirmed the Tip over %. CBS needs this for Ardmore.
  • FEATURE: Mask employee name in FOH

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