The Point of Sale System for Modern Restaurants

Delight your guests with the restaurant all-in-one that works the way you need it to.

Make your business more profitable

Ultimately, NorthStar’s custom business solutions provide restaurants with a comprehensive POS solution that helps streamline operations and increase profitability. From easy-to-use interfaces to secure payment processing and comprehensive back-end systems, NorthStar’s POS systems help restaurants take control of their business. With the right POS system in place, restaurants can have the tools they need to maximize profits while still providing customers with an enjoyable dining experience.

Streamline your day-to-day operations

Track sales, inventory, and other important data in real-time from anywhere. This helps managers ensure that the restaurant has enough stock on hand at all times and can quickly identify any issues or trends with customer orders. Additionally, the system can be used to generate customer loyalty programs and other promotions. Restaurants can also use the system to gain insights into customer behavior, such as what items are being bought most often or when customers tend to visit the restaurant.

Enjoy peace of mind with 24/7 expert support

In addition to its comprehensive feature set, NorthStar also provides unparalleled customer service, with an experienced team dedicated to helping restaurateurs make the most of their POS solution. From troubleshooting to providing training on best practices, NorthStar is committed to helping their customers succeed in the competitive restaurant space. With a team of experts available 24/7, businesses can rest assured that any issues or questions they may have about their POS system will be addressed quickly and efficiently.

Ordering for everyone, with a 5-mode platform

Don’t waste time using different systems or a mix of paper and technology. With NorthStar, everyone and everything operates from one platform, together, in the cloud and on your tables.

Everything you’d expect from a best-in-class POS.

  • Split Checks
  • Adjustments – Voids, Comps, Promos
  • Split Payment
  • Alternate Payments
  • Integrated Credit Cards
  • Integrated Gift Cards
  • Auto Tip Calculations
  • Signature Capture on Screen
  • Print Receipts
  • Email Receipts
  • Age verification
  • Pre-Order Capability
  • Advanced Order Capability
  • Check Search Capability
  • Out of Stock by item or component
  • Server Log on with card or number
  • Table selection by Map / List or Number
  • Unlimited Menu Categories
  • Multiple Menus
  • Happy Hour (Alternate Pricing) by time of Day and Area
  • Multiple Revenue Centers per System
  • Quantity Buttons
  • Pizza Pricing with Support for Halves and Quarters
  • Membership Accounts
  • Membership Account Favorites with Direct Ordering
  • Training Mode
  • Match Seat Position to Order
  • Combo Meal Interface
  • And so much more!
Restaurant Technology Solutions by NorthStar

Empower your guests with a robust tool set and beautifully branded interface.

GuestOrdering CBS NorthStar

Guests pre-order right from your lobby while they wait or place orders to go, streamlining the ordering process.

MicrosoftTeams image 113 CBS NorthStar

Stay in touch with customers from their home or office.

NorthStar Online Web Ordering CBS NorthStar

Mobile optimized menus and images load and respond quickly. Guests can order takeout or delivery right on their phone or tablet from anywhere.

Optimized Menus for Mobile

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Frequently Asked Questions

NorthStar Point of Sale is a comprehensive POS solution designed specifically for restaurants. It offers integrated customer loyalty programs, automated order management, flexible payment options and integrations with popular payment solutions, real-time analytics to manage and optimize operations, inventory tracking and management, advanced reporting capabilities, and integrated marketing tools to help grow sales and loyalty.

NorthStar POS offers increased revenue, enhanced security for financial transactions, improved customer loyalty through rewards programs, optimized operations through real-time analytics, accurate inventory management to reduce waste, insightful reporting capabilities to better understand customer behavior, and secure processing of payments with PCI compliance built in.

NorthStar POS is designed specifically for restaurants, so it’s a great choice for any restaurant owner looking to get the most out of their operations. It’s also an ideal solution for businesses looking to increase customer loyalty, optimize operations and boost their bottom line.

Yes! NorthStar POS is a secure platform, with PCI compliance built in. All financial transactions are encrypted and stored securely within the system. Additionally, all data is backed up on a regular basis to ensure protection against any potential data loss.

NorthStar POS supports a wide range of popular payment solutions, including Apple Pay, Google Pay and other major credit card companies. Additionally, it offers flexible payment options to meet the needs of each individual restaurant.