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Software Update: Acronis 11 New Install Configuration

This is a notification that Custom Business Solutions has released new software! Software: Acronis Version: 11 Released: 12/19/2012 Available Media: Acronis Install: \hq-file1sharedInstallAcronisAcronis 11 NewABR11A_17440_EN-US.exe \hq-file1sharedInstallAcronisAcronis 11 NewAcronisPXEServer.exe \hq-file1sharedInstallAcronisAcronis 11 Newdhcpt_std_free.exe \hq-file1sharedInstallAcronisAcronis 11 NewSupervisorSetup.exe Acronis Doc: \hq-file1sharedInstallAcronisAcronis 11 NewAcronis 11 Doc.pdf Release Notes: Your feedback is important! If you discover an issue with the installation media, please contact Application Support
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