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Why does NorthStar Desktop show all my old invoices as uncommitted?

You may run across a customer trying to commit AP in NorthStar Desktop, and very old invoices are showing up to be committed again. Why is this happening? With NorthStar Desktop 4.5, we added automatic purging of the MDB files in the C:QReports directory. This was to avoid files like qDBFData.mdb growing to over 1 gigabyte in size and becoming
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POSitouch installers are expired; what do I do?

Version 12.05 of the POSitouch 5 Setup and POSitouch 6 Update have expired. How do I use them until a new version is released? For POSitouch 5 Setup, simply change the backoffice’s clock to June 30, then start the installation. You can change it back as soon as you see the blue background of RDC’s installer. For POSitouch 6 Update,
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Using your psychic powers to fix credit card problems

Sometimes, issues with credit cards and gift cards can be difficult because there is so much involved: There’s POSitouch, there’s SlipStream/Txnplus, and there’s the credit card processor. The problem could be with any one of them. Luckily, there’s a trick that almost always works to find the problem: Try running the transaction from the Batch Manager instead of from POSitouch.
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How to set up a tip pool on cashout reports

A tip pool is a way to distribute tips to other staff members besides servers. Since bartenders and bussers are part of hospitality staff, a restaurant might want servers to share a portion of their tips with the other staff members. There are several different ways to set up a “tip pool”. This will show how to set up a
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How do I print Open Checks after a System Down?

Summary In the event that a new check file must be started, users may print the open checks from a file created by SPCWIN. This functionality allows sites to quickly reenter or use the reprinted open checks for guests. Note that all open checks being printed will be printed at the FIRST configured prep printer. Requirements In the SC folder
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