Upcoming Features/Bug Fixes by the Order Entry Team

This is a notification for upcoming Features and Bug Fixes by the Order Entry Team

Sprint ETA: 08/22/2013

Software: NorthStar Order Entry


  • FIX – SourceLocationId was null on a check that was sent to Data Services.


  • Add – Lock Screen disappears after logging in to staff ui
  • Add – Lock Screen Mask appears below location map
  • Add – Session Owners are not being returned to the client on a GetLocationList
  • Add – Kiosk – as a kiosk system I can prevent customers from paying cash
  • Add –  As a manager I need to adjust punches prior to last punch
  • Add –  As a staff member I need to record my tips when I punch out so I can get paid properly
  • Add – POS – As a staff member I want the POS to assist me with moving a table
  • Add – As a platform maintain backwards compatibility
  • Add – POS – as a POS system I want to make it easier to print a check
  • Add – Kiosk – need to change wording on sending to kitchen
  • Add – POS – as a POS system I can output finalized orders to an external system (Round 1 POSitouch)
  • Add – As a order taker I need the kitchen display to be controlled by order type
  • Add – POS – iPod – Adjustments
  • Add – ECM- Paid out/In Multiple client request

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