Upcoming Features/Bug Fixes by the Order Entry Team

This is a notification for upcoming Features and Bug Fixes by the Order EntryTeam

Sprint ETA: 08/09/2013

Software: NorthStar Order Entry


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  • Add ability to send items to the kitchen as they are being rung up.
  • Drive thru Feature – as a drive thru associate once an order is paid it goes to a pass out state for someone else to finalize
  • Drive Thru – As a staff member I need to be able to pass out food and finalize orders
  • Drive Thru – As a system, I can update or remove items that are already cooking
  • Drive Thru – As a staff member, I can park and unpark drive thru orders
  • Drive Thru – As a staff member, I can filter all drive through sessions that I see
  • Drive Thru – As a client, I need real time updates of a group of sessions.
  • Drive Thru – As an order taker, every item ordered goes straight to kitchen and on a check
  • Drive Thru – Add ability to report Drive Thru Items

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