NorthStar Order Entry Shines Bright, Proving It's More Than Just Apples (iOS) 😉

NorthStar for Windows

Now Shining on iOS and Windows - The Perfect Duo

Compatibility with Existing Hardware

This offering will can allow restaurant operators who are currently using Windows 10 to easily convert to NorthStar's POS interface without the need for significant hardware changes. This can result in cost savings and a smoother transition for existing Windows-based systems.

Cloud-Based POS Interface

Still leveraging the robust, cloud-based POS interface that has been successfully used on Apple iOS for six years. This interface ensures enterprise-grade reliability and functionality, allowing restaurants to rely on it for their daily operations.

Not just iOS - NorthStar

Cross-Platform Compatibility

NorthStar Order Entry for Windows offers cross-platform compatibility, allowing you to use it on both Apple iPads and Windows devices. This flexibility enables restaurants to meet the diverse technological needs of their establishments while maintaining a consistent interface.

Adaptability and Future-Proofing

By offering NorthStar for Windows, we are ensuring that you can adapt to evolving technology trends and operating systems. This adaptability and future-proofing of the POS system make it a valuable long-term investment, allowing restaurants to stay competitive and up-to-date with the latest technology without major overhauls.

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The key advantage of NorthStar Order Entry POS system for Windows is its cross-platform compatibility. It allows restaurant operators to use the same robust cloud-based POS interface on both Apple iPads and Windows devices. This flexibility enables restaurants to cater to the varied technological needs of their establishment while maintaining a consistent interface.
Yes, existing restaurant systems using Windows 10 can easily transition to NorthStar for Windows. The system is designed to be compatible with Windows 10, which means you can continue using your existing hardware. This seamless transition minimizes disruptions and reduces the cost associated with switching to a new POS system.
We recommend a site audit to ensure that everything is compatibly and ready to use with NorthStar on Windows.