NorthStar Version 4.8.7 Software Release Adds Real-Time Mobile Data Reporting, Customer Experience Updates, and Online Payment Security Features

JANUARY 27, 2022 – NorthStar, by Custom Business Solutions, a leading point-of-sale (POS) system for food venues such as restaurants, c-stores, and grocery stores, announced today the release of NorthStar Version 4.8.7. The software update, now available on iOS and Windows, includes a new real-time mobile data reporting tool for managers, improved ordering speed and ease-of-use features, and enhanced online payment options. The company’s cloud-based restaurant POS system is the leading iPad software tool designed specifically for restaurant, café, and bar owners and continues to support our global customer base.

For more than 20 years, NorthStar has been helping restauranteurs integrate technology solutions that improve the customer experience and drive profitability. NorthStar Order Entry is the hospitality industry’s leading, full-integrated point-of-sale software solution that offers diverse customer ordering options, including staff-facing point-of-sale, table-based guest ordering, kiosk ordering, online orders, and mobile device ordering. The company’s NorthStar mobile manager provides real-time data collection and reporting from a mobile device.

We are committed to delivering industry-leading software solutions that both protect customer payment data and provide an engaging user experience for hospitality industry workers and our restaurant customers,” said Anthony Presley, CTO, NorthStar. “The integration of innovative mobile payment technologies has accelerated as restaurants implemented non-contact ordering in the wake of COVID-19. We expect this trend to continue as patrons continue to expect technology enhancements to help improve their hospitality experiences worldwide. Our team is hard at work adding new features and updates to our signature software solution and our clients can expect that to continue in the future.

The software Version 4.8.7 release includes the following new features and updates:

NS Mobile Manager – real-time mobile reporting tool available for use on Android and iOS devices

Guest Identifier Speed Screen – improves ordering speed and ease-of-use with a list of guest identifier selections within the order-taking workflow

Guest Payment Improvements to Counter Service – two-way access to guest payment view from the payment screen, including ‘flip over’ mobile technology and updates to guest payment using gift card or credit card via MagTek eDynamo (EMV and swipe), iDynamo (swipe), iDynamo 6 (EMV, swipe and NFC), or PAX devices.

NorthStar Pay Online Payments – provides secure, contactless check payment on a mobile device with a QR code and URL printed directly on the receipt, no 3rd party add-ons are needed.

Payment Improvements – payment enhancements for Shift4, FirstData, Heartland, WorldPay and TSYS ordering have been implemented, including the certification of the Aries8, S300, and other devices.

User Experience Updates – addition of check numbers displayed on all ordering modes and a print receipt button

Text to Pay – send a text (SMS message) to guest’s mobile device with a link to the NorthStar Pay app, providing simple phone ordering for delivery workflows.

Staff Time Record Adjustment Acknowledgement – Employee notification of time record adjustments are compliant with the changing California labor laws.

Print Duplicate Receipts – Improvements include exclusion of credit card authorization chits from duplicate printing, while still supporting the ability to have guest checks printed at two unique printers.

The team is already hard at work on Version 4.9.1 with additional improvements including a proprietary dispatch dashboard, integration to leading grocery POS systems, and additional enhancements.