Make a Payment

Making a payment with CBS is as easy as


1 Enter your amount

Enter the TOTAL amount you are paying (with shipping and tax included).

If your order includes shipping and/or sales tax, you’ll need to indicate those amounts in the appropriate boxes later.

2Enter your invoice number and description

Enter an invoice number to easily identify what you’re paying for. (i.e. invoice number, job number, IWO number, or case number)

Enter a description of what the payment is for (i.e. support center call, supplies, field service, deposit for new install, etc.)

3Enter your payment information

Enter your card number or bank information.

Enter your billing and shipping information. Be sure to use the cardholder’s billing address for that card. Include the name of your business or restaurant in the “Company” field. Also indicate the email address where you’d like to receive the receipt.

And that’s it!

Still have questions? Call Elisabeth Ostler at 800.551.7674 ext 229

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