How Does Restaurant POS Software Work?

There are many different options when it comes to restaurant point of sale (POS) systems. At NorthStar, we specialize in providing our customers with a range of different restaurant management system options based on their needs.

Unfortunately, many restaurant owners and managers find out too late that trying to use different technologies from various providers of restaurant management systems often leads to signficant challenges and increased costs. Choosing our modern POS system gives you everything needed in POS, tableside, kiosk, web, and mobile ordering and payment options.

Understanding the Process

It is important to understand how a restaurant POS system and software works. We create simple-to-use and integrated systems that are exceptionally user-friendly, allowing for a wide range of controls and capabilities from each connected device.

The basics include the software part of the system and the hardware components. The hardware components can range from tableside ordering and payment terminals to tablets that allow wait staff to enter customer orders tableside. There are also kiosks that enable customers to enter orders and process payments, among other services, get information on specials, and even use loyalty programs, coupons, or other promotional options.

The software provides the option to use your website for online ordering or web ordering and orders through mobile devices. This provides 24/7/365 access to your menu, complete with images, prices, location, maps, and even allows for secure payment without the need for staff to be involved.

Additional Features

Our restaurant point of sale solutions offer a complete restaurant management system. These software systems include inventory management, loyalty program management, gift cards, alternative pricing, membership accounts, and even restaurant floor plans with table lists or numbers.

Managers will appreciate the real-time information on orders, inventory levels, and the ability to change the menu or pricing through a centralized, secure dashboard. With information going directly from the customer or the server to the kitchen, the restaurant is more efficient. Table turnover rates can be increased by avoiding delays and bottlenecks that are common when orders have to be placed at a centralized computer or location.

To find out more about NorthStar restaurant management systems and POS solutions, call us today at 800-551-7674 or send us a message online.

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