CBS NorthStar Partners with Restaurant Loyalty Specialists to Boost Profits through Improved Loyalty Programs


CBS NorthStar, a leading provider of comprehensive food service solutions, is proud to announce its partnership with Restaurant Loyalty Specialists (RLS). The collaboration between the two firms will enable the customers of both companies to continue to innovate, grow, and meet the needs of their customers.

This partnership brings together RLS’s expertise in loyalty program optimization and CBS NorthStar’s deep understanding of restaurant operations to help restaurants increase customer loyalty and drive revenue growth.

As customer journeys become more tech-dependent, many restaurants struggle to provide personalized experiences, often resulting in broken loyalty programs and underperforming CRM strategies. This leads to decreased customer engagement, lower customer retention rates, and ultimately, a decline in profits.

RLS has a proven track record of fixing broken restaurant loyalty programs and building personalized, segmented marketing solutions. They do this by implementing a data-driven approach that caters to customers’ unique preferences and behaviors, analyzing what has and has not worked, and leveraging their expertise working with both small and enterprise clients. They know how to improve customer satisfaction, increase loyalty and boost sales and revenue for each restaurant brand that they work with.

CBS NorthStar recognizes the importance of loyalty programs and the role they play in driving profitability and recurring business from loyal customers. By partnering with RLS, CBS NorthStar aims to provide its clients with the tools necessary to take advantage of this opportunity fully. The collaboration between the two companies will enable restaurants to implement best-in-class loyalty programs that drive revenue growth, increase customer engagement, and improve brand loyalty.

“We’re thrilled to partner with CBS NorthStar to help provide value-added services to customers that not only increase retention rates but also reaffirm CBS NorthStar’s position as a customer-centric innovator,” said Olga Berkovich Lopategui, Founder of Restaurant Loyalty Specialists.

The partnership between RLS and CBS NorthStar will build a clear path to software development and additional POS features that are uniquely useful and valuable to CBS NorthStar’s customers.

About Restaurant Loyalty Specialists

Restaurant Loyalty Specialists offers expertise in Loyalty and CRM for restaurant chains. The key principle is simple: find out what your guests already like, then give them more of that – at scale – to drive sales. Clients range from 20 to over 1,000 locations. We work with any modern loyalty and CRM platforms, including Punchh, Paytronix, or Personica.

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Custom Business Solutions is a leading provider of innovative hospitality technology solutions that help restaurant owners streamline operations, increase efficiency, and drive profitability. With over two decades of experience in the industry, Custom Business Solutions is committed to providing its customers with cutting-edge technology and exceptional service. To learn more, visit

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