CBS NorthStar’s Allie Haskell is Announced as a Candidate for RSPA Software Vendor Board Position

In a remarkable step towards advancing the future of hospitality technology, CBS NorthStar is proud to announce the candidacy of Allie Haskell, VP of Client Engagement and Success for a prestigious board position within the RSPA (Retail Solutions Providers Association) Software Vendor community. With a wealth of experience spanning over 15+ years in the field, Allie’s desire to give back to the industry that shaped her as a person and leader is truly inspiring. CBS NorthStar is ecstatic to support Allie in this endeavor, recognizing the tremendous potential she brings to the table.

A Diverse Perspective for Innovation:
One of Allie’s primary goals is to foster diversity in both people and technology within the RSPA community. By bringing together individuals from different backgrounds, the community gains unique perspectives, experiences, and knowledge. This diversity of thought becomes a driving force for innovation and creativity, as each person approaches problems and challenges in their own unique way. With a diverse group, a wider range of ideas and solutions can be generated, ultimately leading to more innovative and effective outcomes.

Empowering Young Leadership:
Allie firmly believes in the power of young leaders to instigate transformative change within organizations. Their willingness to take risks, challenge established norms, and drive innovation can have a profound impact on the industry. Young leaders infuse organizations with energy, enthusiasm, and a penchant for questioning the status quo. Their presence can inspire others and foster a culture of continuous improvement. In a rapidly evolving market, young leaders play a crucial role in initiating and leading organizational transformations, adapting to changing dynamics and positioning the industry for future success.

Building Communities:
In addition to her focus on diversity and empowering young leaders, Allie Haskell recognizes the importance of building strong communities within the RSPA industry. She understands that fostering connections and collaboration among industry professionals is vital for driving collective growth and success.

By actively building communities, Allie aims to create spaces where industry professionals can come together to exchange ideas, address challenges, and support one another. She believes that when individuals unite, pooling their expertise and experiences, they can drive innovation, problem-solving, and the development of best practices.

Involvement in the RSPA Community:
Allie Haskell’s active involvement in the RSPA community spans six years, during which she has actively participated in the NextGen, Woman2Woman, and marketing communities. These engagements have provided her with valuable opportunities to speak at prominent industry events such as RetailNOW and Inspire. Now, Allie is eager to expand her reach and make a greater impact on the RSPA community.

The nomination of Allie Haskell as a candidate for the RSPA Software Vendor Board position marks an exciting chapter in the journey towards industry growth, diversity, and innovation. CBS NorthStar stands behind Allie with pride, recognizing her extensive experience, leadership qualities, and unwavering dedication to the betterment of the industry. Allie’s passion for fostering diversity and empowering young leaders will undoubtedly contribute to the positive evolution of the RSPA community. With Allie Haskell at the forefront, the industry can look forward to a future filled with boundless possibilities

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